Remember Me Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Everyone has things that they would like to forget and everyone has cherished memories that they want to hold onto forever. However as we age those memories may fade and important events from long ago can be remembered in only the vaguest detail. However what if there was a way to remember everything that you want to but forget everything terrible? Well Dontnod and Capcom’s Remember Me takes place in a world where citizens can do just that. However is Remember Me worth your time?"

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coaidant2012d ago

6.5 only? Damn what a disappointment, was really looking forward to this as well.

Laike2012d ago

I was extremely curious about this title as well. Good thing I didn't preorder it I suppose. Guess this goes into the wait til it's $5.00 on Steam pile.

egidem2012d ago

With the recent low to medium scores it has been receiving, I'd say that won't take long.

I'm also disappointed at the turnout of the game.

IcyEyes2012d ago

Looks like you guys love the score. Well take a look here ... it's better :

7.3 is a good score

6.5 from sort of blog website mean nothing.
This game is a solid 8. Really.

Ron662012d ago

Guys, stay away from this game it sucks. Only thing good are the graphics, it's not worth that price at all. The melee is so damn boring and clunky. Buy at your risk. It has a lot of potential but everything fails when you start playing. You have been warned.

vishmarx2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

dont listen to him ...ive played through half of the game...its terrible at the beginning but gets far better once you get a hang of it...

also graphics and story are amongst the best this gen...

the sheer beauty of the game itself is worth the price of admission

MilkMan2012d ago

Nope, the game is at least a solid 7 maybe 8. The key thing about this game is that the combat is fun. The world is very realized and I wish I could interact with it more. It like a partnership between Syndicate and Uncharted with Arkham Asylum combat mixed together.

You can even create your own variations of two-button combos. The game is tight and the story is compelling.

I haven't even said anything about the remixing of memories, that could be a game in it of itself.

Dont be fooled but low scores, the game is very solid.