Fast & Furious Showdown Review (ThisisXbox)

ThisisXbox: "To coincide with the release of the latest Fast & Furious movie – Fast & Furious 6, Activision has published a game developed by Firebrand titled Fast & Furious Showdown. The videogame tie-in aims to bridge the gap between the latest cinema release and the previous Fast & Furious 5 movie by showing cut-scenes and racing events to keep you up to speed. It’s shockingly awful both to play and to look at with the developers looking like they’ve delivered an alpha port of a last-gen game. I am surprised that Activision has even permitted the game to be published by attaching their name to one of the (if not THE worst of all time) racing games currently available on the Xbox 360."

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strigoi8141965d ago

Any game activision touches nowadays are ending up messy

Mr-SellJack1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

i'm pretty sure the game isn't that bad even though i haven't played it cuz i played The Fast&the Furious and it was awesome!one of my favorite racing games alongside GT4,NFS MW,Midnight Club La.The customization and drifting was out of this world!plus it was open world

Edit:meh looked at gameplay footage,looks like uttercrap and different dev and publisher

MasterofMagnetism1965d ago

I've played it and it's bad, really bad. Avoid this game.

jasona19801963d ago

lol !! like your "Edit:" - it is very bad, not even really a racing game. It's just challenges on a very basic looking road... not enough words can describe how VILE it is.

Should never have been released. It makes me wonder now that without Call of Duty, Activision would pretty much be dead in the water!