Xbox Live Cyber Monday 2013 Deals With Free Gears Of War For Gold Members

Techtorial: Xbox Live Cyber Monday deals are now available with up to 75% discounts for select titles including free download for Gears of War (exclusive for Gold members).

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FarEastOrient3355d ago

That's the best they can do?

gta_manic3355d ago

Gears of War 1.....really I got dragons dogma DA and been playing Miami hotline on vita plus I just downloaded binary domain just to check it out and it's not bad

NeoTribe3355d ago

Lol games for gold is a joke if people havnt realised this yet. They only give you old ass games nobody plays or buys anymore lol. Such a joke. Ps plus ftw!

Angerfist3355d ago

Dark Souls for 5 and Far Cry Blood Dragon for 4 are worth it.