7 Creative but Controversial Print Advertisements from PlayStation

With the PS4 set for release later this year and some interesting advert ideas no doubt already in the pipeline, take a look back at 7 creative yet controversial print adverts that have been produced for the PlayStation brand.

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thorstein1965d ago

Classic is right. How old are these?

HammadTheBeast1965d ago

I now understand why their old advertising team was fired.

WTF are some of these?!

AMG9992221965d ago

Wtf, some of them are quite daft

Bimkoblerutso1965d ago

Congratulations, you are the first person I have ever seen use the word "daft" that wasn't referencing that one electronica was their name again?

TheTrollSlayer1965d ago

haha I have never seen any of these before! What the hell were Sony thinking with some of them??? I wonder what the ps4 ads will be like!

pr0t0typeknuckles1965d ago

that last one,XD LMFAO,what the heck is that supposed to mean how does that advertise playstation,

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