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Joystiq: "Fuse's basic mechanics are functional, even interesting, but they're hamstrung by poor AI (on both sides) and boring encounters. Friends make things better, but even then this locomotive doesn't take long to run out of steam. Fuse is satisfactory at best and frustrating at worst, and a bare-bones shooter without any personality or flair."

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jakmckratos2507d ago

woof. and this is coming from a site I genuinely respect. Insomniac stick to Sony. I hope if your excursion with multiplat has taught you anything it's that you may expose your games to a wider audience but the price you pay is extreme genericness to appeal to said population. It's just not you Insomniac..ya gotta be free to be weird. Make mo' Ratchet on the PS4! And make a new IP that doesn't have the personality of a dustmite. You knooooooow everyone still wants Resistance.

konnerbllb2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I'm actually enjoying the game. I'm playing it solo but I have the feeling it would be a great coop game. Still having a good time though.

For the person who said binary domain below, I've beat binary domain and this is nothing like it. The special abilities make this fun. I can't say which series I like better though.

Adolph Fitler2507d ago

It wouldn't have mattered if the game was scoring 9's across the board......the game was always destined for commercial failure for just too many reasons to list.

Get back to Sony with your tail between your legs Insomniac, & start building Ratchet back into the formidable, Mario-rivaling platformer that it was. And give me my Resistance 4.

Hopefully Sony will still be interested in them, even though there stock has slipped, due to a massive quality decline, & the fact they knocked several buyouts from Sony back. I mean, most companies would watch a company like Insomniac die a horrible death, due to that whole pride & respect thing, & the fact that Insomniac slapped them in the face, several times by knocking back there buyout propositions, then the ultimate kick in the teeth of going multiplatform, as well as releasing half assed iterations of one of there most beloved IP's & huge game for Sony consoles & there fans, in the Ratchets.

I hope Sony swallow that pride & scoop up Insomniac, with the only creative restriction being that they start making great AAA games again, as it would be a shame to see Insomniac be gone from this industry, & it would be even more horrible to see there creative talents be bought by like an EA, MS, or the like that would constrict there creative talents. Sony are known not to do that, that is why they had such a good working relationship over many years & still do, to a point......But, the fact is, when Insomniac knocked back that last offer from Sony, Sony's attitude towards them had to have changed, & turned there backs on Insomniac to a degree, as they had other 1st party exclusive developers to cater to.....I don't blame Sony for this, as they were suffering in a big way in all areas of business, & marketing games for Insomniac would have been VERY low on there priority list, as the returns wouldn't have been as formidable as what an exclusive inhouse title would bring in.
A lot of the blame is just bad luck, & bad decisions from both Sony probably should have backed the Resistance series more, as the potential for big sales is obviously better in a FPS loving dominated era, so Sony may have gotten better income from the series, even though they would have to share the profits more, as opposed to an inhouse title that wasn't a part of such a dominant selling genre.....even games like MS:Apocalypse in the racing genre, or Starhawk in the TPS genre, that copped horrible may have been the better decision from Sony to go with Insomniacs games, more whole heartedly in marketing......But, when I look back, Sony's marketing for there own titles was abysmal at best....I mean, Starhawk is a classic & AAAA game for me, & if marketed properly (OR AT ALL), would have helped sales...same with Twisted Metal, Socom 4, MS:A, Killzone 2&3, & so many other Sony exclusive games....I mean, if any did sell well, it was either through word of mouth, or IP association, as the most important tool, in television advertisement has been virtually non-existant from Sony this gen.

Adolph Fitler2507d ago

I mean, aggressive tv commercials for some of these games would have meant far better sales for ALL there games. Ratchets, Sly Coopers, LBP's, & such kid friendly titles should have been played non-stop during early morning & Sat-Sun kids shows & cartoons, & games like Starhawk, Twisted Metal, Resistance 2&3, MS:Apocalypse, Socom 4, & others should have been slotted into tv programs that were time appropriate & content appropriate.....& what I mean by that last bit is, that if Commando is airing on a certain tv channel, then throw the Socom or Killzone ad in there, or if Fast & the Furious is on, advertise bloody MS, or GT or both would be even better, & if Death Race is on 1 night, then throw Twisted Metal ads on in between, War Of The World's, then chuck Starhawk ads on.
Same goes for tv, if Biggest Loser is on, advertise Sports Champions, or Idol, The Voice, then bloody Singstar ads, if the history channel is airing hours of WW2 doco's, then advertise the fitting titles.....I can't see why ALL developers & publishers haven't flaunted this idea...I mean, your appealing to the demograph that could most potentially be interested in your game.

PersonMan2507d ago

I wish game studios could come up with more original ideas that make their game stand out from the other games.

I think everyone's getting a bit tired of the same old generic shooting games where you move from area to area shooting more people/monsters/robots. You know what I'm saying?

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