Fuse- Was it really that bad?

" Fuse, a third person shooter from Insomniac which sold less than Thornton’s limited edition baby sick flavour fudge. "

Gameondaily's The Marb looks back at Fuse and wonderes whether it really was a pleasure or pain to play

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Skywalker3332951d ago

no. it was worse than bad :P


I was interested in this when it was first announced but gradually got put off by how generic it became.

Roccetarius2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Yeah, i was definitely turned off by the change to seriousness. I really liked the wackyness of the revealed game, but unfortunately they were told to change it.

Overstrike shouldn't have been changed, period.

Volkama2950d ago

Funny article, but I'm not about to go back and play Fuse :)

Gazondaily2950d ago

I played the demo. Instantly regretted my decision.

Jdoki2950d ago

Never played it, but was disappointed when the art style and direction changed. Seemed the publisher stuck their nose and and took a decent idea and crapped all over it.

Mikefizzled2950d ago

Yes but after playing Sunset Overdrive it seems like a one off. Overstrike was set to have all the whacky of a Insomniac game but Fuse was a much more boring result.

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The story is too old to be commented.