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Fuse is a victim of its delayed development cycle. Back in 2010, Insomniac Games hinted at the development of this title and revealed the game in 2011 under a different name, Overstrike, but then reworked the branding for several years before deciding on its current form. Unfortunately, the standard of video games has risen, so while most of the title's features still hold up, several parts do not.

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knifefight3473d ago

Yeah, delays can do that to ya. Still interested.

TrendyGamers3473d ago

Doesn't sound like I need to rush out and buy this.

Wedge193473d ago

It's not a must buy, but it's not bad either. If this price drops to $40 anywhere, it's worth a purchase.

dbjj120883473d ago

I enjoyed the demo so I'll probably pick this up if I can convince friends to do the same.

T3mpr1x3472d ago

Insomniac always has my money. This looks fun.