Lumines Live! Review (Xbox 360)

Since Microsoft announced that a version of Q Entertainment's Lumines - specifically, Lumines Live! - was coming to Xbox Live Arcade, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation.

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assjacket6391d ago

I just downloaded the trial version and had fun playing it. I wish it was just a little cheaper though, it's just a tad too much for me to purchase the whole thing. Perhaps after I play the trial a few more times I will become addicted and won't be able to help myself....we'll see.

Islandkiwi6391d ago

I got it this evening. And I purchased it with the knowledge of the add-ons that would need to be purchased later, so I'm an informed consumer.

And I like it, but I suck at it. So no need for me to buy the add-on anytime soon. (=

OutLaw6391d ago

I also purchased the Lumines and the advance package, the whole thing came out to 1800 points.

I feel it was worth it but then I played another part and it said I need to purchase more to unlock that area.

So I'm pleased but for how long I really don't know. As for the moment I'm not disappointed with the game but if it starts to get more expensive than the PSP version than I suggest for people to save their money. As for me I went beyond the point to turn back now.

calderra6391d ago

Via major Nelson:

1200 points for the base (incomplete) game
+600 points for the "Advanced pack" (still incomplete)

Add-on packs to follow:
* Artist Pack featuring music video skins like the Madonna “Sorry” music video that was used to sell the game in the first place.
* Mission/Puzzle Pack featuring new skins and puzzles, but still not completing the game.
* VS CPU Mode Pack finally finishing the game by flushing out the CPU mode that's basically broken at the moment.

If those future packs were released at the same 600 points, buying this title up to full features would cost about (1200+600+600+600+600) = 3600 points. That's about $45 to get the game that should have been downloadable from the beginning.

Complete and utter ripoff? I think so. Particularly with the "vs CPU" and the missing Madonna video- basically everyone was expecting that in the base game. Not to mention that the "advanced" portion of the game IS PART OF THE FREAKING GAME AND IT'S MISSING FROM THE INITIAL DOWNLOAD!!!!


BIadestarX6391d ago

What do you know? You don't even have a 360.
I bought the base and without even playing the game I also bought the advance pack. The advance pack is just an extra mode.
The base offers more modes, levels, etc than the PSP version which I own and paid alot more for it. I should of waited on the advance pack since is like another mode, and it will take me a while to clear the other parts of the game.
There are some modes which I will not play since I prefer others. Now if you are interested on those modes you will be able to pay for it. So, what calderra is saying is bull, the game is not imcomplete. He's just pissup because he is going to have to pay per car In GT for the PS3.

UrbanJabroni6391d ago

While I would like the price a lot lower, it is still $5 cheaper (if I remember) than the psp version I purchased oh so long ago.

Think of it that way and it isn't so bad.

Islandkiwi6391d ago

I don't mind them charging for pieces of the game...I for one don't like playing vs. computer, so I wouldn't purchase that add-on.

What I do mind is that it says you're buying the full game for 1,200 points, and it's not. I feel it's misleading. They need to specify what you're unlocking for your 1,200 points.

TheMART6391d ago


with the free version already you can have fun

for 1200 points you get a complete experience. That's about 12 Euro/dollar for a great game. The PSP version will cost much more.

You want more stuff? For 600 points an extra pack. It is an expensive arcade title, but a cheap commercial one. Imagine it being on disc in the shop and you need to pay 30 to 40 dollar/euro


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Smiling5354984d ago

I think I have all the Dragon Age DLC. Man...the game practically doubled!

donniebaseball4984d ago

DLC adds up, for sure, but you can probably get more bang for the buck with various DLC than shelling out 60 bucks all the time on a new retail game

Buff10444984d ago

You have a great point. At the end of the day, you get the most value.

Smiling5354984d ago

Got to hand it to BioWare. They always give away some of this stuff for free.

hammersuit4984d ago

I need more points for XBLA and PSN. Give those cards away. Thank you!

Buff10444984d ago

I think we'd all love more points cards! For sure!

Smiling5354984d ago

Yes, I will gladly take some if anyone in here has extras. haha

Buff10444984d ago

On that note, I think I am off to Best Buy to stock up!

crimsonfox4984d ago

I know Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC is going to destroy my funds.


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