Halo Wars previewed by Xbox World 360

Seeing Halo Wars in action, you can't help but think that it's the perfect counterpart to the other new Halo title preparing to leap off the game store shelves and into your hearts this winter - Peter Jackson's Halo Chronicles.

Because where Jackson's project is said to focus on the intimate, personal aspect of war, Halo Wars instead presents the run-up to the events as documented in the main Halo trilogy from the perspective of the battleground. There's nothing glamourous about war, but you'd be hard pressed to see that if you were watching a Halo Wars scrap in full flight. This is the Theatre of War in all its glory, with the goalposts continuously shifting as the two sides attempt to out-manoeuvre each other. It is, in fact, a Halo real-time strategy game in more than just branding.

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decapitator3956d ago

Hope this game turns out really great. The 1UP yours guys did not sound very optimistic about the game last time though.

sonarus3956d ago

i knw there are a lot of halo fans and i know msoft doesn't have that many new ip. But do they really expect to feed of halo for game sales the way they are doing?

le killer3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

what like nintendo and mario?? they've done alrite out of that fat italian plumber. sony and solid snake?? halo wars will sell 2mil just because of the name. and why are the first two posts in this thread from sony fanboys??? is there any rts on the ps3 yet?

rts games are ok, especially when they have on-line and you can totally destroy your pals. but they bore me after a while.

Chuck Norris3956d ago


Sony and Solid Snake?

Please elaborate.

le killer3956d ago

sony have shifted some hardware just because of metal gear, and are pining alot of 08 fortunes on another metal gear...the 4th title to grace their consoles. if a brand works, and makes you money, then why not milk it??? i used snake(i know he's konamis property) because he's a character you associate with playstation.

is that ok mate????

RecSpec3956d ago

Yeah, Metal Gear Acid sold millions! (sarcasm)

sonarus3956d ago

sony and solid snake isn't the same. we are talking about releasing 2 halo games less than a yr apart. Halo wars and halo chronicles or whatever. well like i said they dnt have that many ip's

Chuck Norris3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )


I get what you mean, but you should try using better analogies next time. You could have used Gran Turismo as a better example.

kevoncox3956d ago

We all know where his alligence lies. Anything to down MS.
It's not like we are getting a God of War every year...oh wait we are.
Isn't that a whoring out of the IP.

How about 5 Ratchet and Clanks....not including the PSP cames
5 Jax and Daxters not inclding the psp games

Back on topic, I'm not getting this game because it lacks mouse and keyboard support. Knowing Ms it's going to be on PC as well. So i'll get it then. The great thing about the Ps3 is that it has M&K support. Why aren't developers making RTS for the ps3? Weird

le killer3955d ago

and what are sony releasing this year?? another wipeout, killzone and resistance? where are their new ip's????????

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iNcRiMiNaTi3956d ago

so im a little sketchy about gettin this game, on top of that im not too big on RTSs.

KrazyKoala3956d ago

That's your opinion. Plus this game is a totally different type of game (RTS) and its made by a different developer. So what you thought of the Halo FPSes is irrelevant.

TheMART3956d ago

If you're not into RTS then that's just personal, but when you read this:

"The fluid unit selection method (where you double tap a to select all units on-screen, or simply 'paint' over the units you wish to move) is a million miles away from the nightmareish controls seen on ports of excellent PC titles such as Command & Conquer 3 and Lord of the Rings. RTS games which seem to think that just because the Xbox 360 controller's buttons are coloured like a Rubik's Cube, it should be equally as accessible.

And that can only be a good thing. In other news, Ensemble are still refusing to confirm the Covenant as Halo Wars' second playable faction, despite it being gaming's worst-kept secret. Not much to report on this front, other than we've had a peek at some concept art for a scene which didn't make the final cut for Halo Wars - that of a Covenant mining asteroid dominated by imposing Forerunner machinery. It's a dramatic scene, and if that's the calibre of the work lying in Ensemble's bin, we can only imagine what delights await in the final game.

As with the Jackson project, Bungie are involved in the project in a storyline advisory role (and Devine promises us that, as with the main Halo games, the storyline will be a 'rollercoaster ride'), freeing Ensemble up to concentrate on the matter at hand... making what looks to be, from our vantage point, the best RTS Xbox has ever seen."

It makes me pretty excited.

@ decapitator

"Hope this game turns out really great. The 1UP yours guys did not sound very optimistic about the game last time though."

Well maybe the 1UP guys got an older build. Or maybe its also because you're a PS3 fan and you just read what you want to read. If you read this preview, it sounds good.

jinn3956d ago

im pretty sure this was a bad idea

Pain3956d ago

Can i Play this on my Mac? oh this isnt StarCraft 2? oh my Mistake....

If it's a RTS and Not StarCraft 2 good luck.

ElementX3956d ago

Sins of a Solar Empire came out of NOWHERE and it's a top-selling PC game.

ScottEFresh3956d ago

It's an RTS game but will probably sell just on the name alone. I really question how many Halo fanboys are going to be into this though. RTS is a far cry from a FPS.

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