Molyneux: Microsoft "won" this generation, no longer competing with Sony and Nintendo

"Former MS exec and Lionhead boss names Apple, Google and Samsung as real rivals next gen, rather than Sony and Nintendo." [OXM]

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Based on this article if Peter is right then the console will be merely about gaming. I want the Xbox to at least have some social feature but it should solely be about gaming, that is why they call it a 'gaming console'. I also hope the Kinect will not be a required product to play games. TBH when I play Forza 4 on my 360, I turn the Kinect around so it can't see me (lol not to be extra but I just feel being watched :P). I have the feeling though that since it will be competing with Apple, Google and Samsung, if he is right the console will be more like a TV or mostly about entertainment. I hope it isn't though. He says MS are competing with Apple, Google and Samsung rather than Nintendo and Sony which means that it could be more on the entertainment side which means that how could they win. Though i doubt MS would do that but this is a gaming console market not a entertainment market.

Today is the day it all happens and I cannot wait to see what Ms has in store. Whether I buy the PS4 or XBox I'll see by E3.

dirigiblebill4073d ago

Hey up chap. Does the new title work for you?

nix4073d ago

MS won America!

that's about it.

this gen.. both (MS and Sony) are starting around the same time so... MS better have something amazing lined up because as we saw last time releasing one year ahead and bashing competitors, biased media can only get you that far.

and i'm sure everyone is tired of MS' promises by now including hardcore MS fans... i mean if they aren't then wow...

sengoku4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

this guy is smoking some good stuff.

dont know where to start correcting him as there is just too much wrong about his views.

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Braid4073d ago

Oh boy, this article will hit the hottest section so hard that it'll break the website.

aCasualGamer4073d ago

Can't take that man seriously anymore. He's hyped up his games so much and they've failed so miserably that i don't want to comment really, but i have to.

1. Sonys latest figures state that they've outsold 360

2. This gen, Sony has released exclusive after exclusive

3. Even though both Sony and Microsoft tried to go for the casual market, Sony stayed true to their philosophy of hardcore gaming machine whilst Microsoft forgot the hardcore

4. Microsoft had a year head start over Sony, but they managed to bring out fewer exclusives

I'm not trying to bring heat to the table, because i'm really looking forward to Microsofts event, it is after all nextgen gaming, but my points prove that Microsoft didn't win this gen. Atleast not from a true hardcore gamer perspective. They went overboard with Kinect, and that costed them. Hope they learn and start bringing the hardcore gamer some freaking awesome exclusives. No one is going to buy a 400$ console for channel integration, there's just too many options out there that already provide that for much less.

Here's hoping for a great day, for all gamers, let me emphasize on that... for all GAMERS.

Knushwood Butt4073d ago

Is he trying to get his old job back now that he's figured out that spurting BS without a big name backing you up doesn't actually pay the bills?

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imt5584073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )


Nope. PS3 is not dead yet. Even in PS4 era, Sony will continue to support the PS3. When PS3 came out and until now, PS2 sold in ~ 50 mil. units in PS3 era. PS3 is not loser. PS3 had poor start, but is in front of X360 if you watch global sale.

DragonKnight4073d ago

Guys, it's Molyneux, he says a lot of stuff. Most of it is B.S. Remember? Yeah, nothing to see here.

Plus, what else would you expect from someone who's never worked for Sony or Nintendo before?

papashango4073d ago

nuclear launch detected.

sh*tstorm incoming

LoveOfTheGame4073d ago

I think he's right about how they are taking on more than just Sony and Nintendo and in a sense that might be winning, maybe. As for who had the best console will always be a debate between the fanboys of this site.

Long live true gamers.

thechosenone4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Does MS even have a line of smartphones or tablets that can compete with these industry leaders? That would be a no.

Geee really Mr.Molyneux tell me another one.

"About 76 million Xbox 360s had been shipped by the end of March, according to research firm IDC. By contrast Nintendo's Wii had shipped 99.4 million units and the PS3 78 million."


chrismichaels044073d ago

@superlupe - nice try but you obviously have no idea what you're talking about, but hey, whatever helps you sleep at night. The obvious loser this generation was Xbox 360 which at one point had a 10 million console lead over PS3 only to watch that lead go down the drain. Dont worry about last generation, Sony already won last gen too. We're talking about this current gen. Sony went from dominating 2 straight generations, to having a weak start this generation, to having an impressive comeback performance and becoming the 2nd fastest selling console of the entire gen dropping Xbox to 3rd place. Even after a 1 year sales lead and millions of RROD multi sales, Xbox still choked away it's lead this generation.

Kudos to 360 for outperforming the failed original Xbox, but it still wasnt enough to beat the PS3. And besides, the original Xboxs 25 million sales wasnt exactly an impressive or unbeatable milestone to begin with. Almost every other successful console going back 30 years, including portables, has outsold the original Xbox. So that excuse is irrelevant.

AngelicIceDiamond4073d ago

Well the guy was a former MS employee in all. And he'll be present at the reveal and everything... Plus he did leave on good terms with MS so...

MysticStrummer4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

MS obviously did very well, greatly increasing their market share, but I can't see how starting off in first and ending in third translates as an overall win. I'm a PS3 guy, but Nintendo won the generation by outselling their competition with a product that was very cheap to manufacture. Profit trumps market share every time.

EDIT - Actually what I should have said at the end there is that Nintendo increased their market share while also making a profit the entire time. That's a win in the business world.

blackbeld4073d ago

Moly whatever.

Xbox brand is still not profitable and still in red.



theBAWSE4073d ago

How if Sony have sold more ps3 consoles? He is such an overrated developer... What is the last good game he made? Anyone?

stubbed_out4073d ago


Sorry to slap your 'hope' in the face, the guy that was in charge of the 'PS3 business plan' is now CEO of Sony.

Tonight and E3 (not to mention the previous PS4 semi-reveal) are going to be our window into the next 10yrs of gaming ooh can anyone feel the excitement!

maddfoxx4072d ago

Didn't PS3 out due the 360 in total global sells early this year?

ShinMaster4072d ago

Then sure, Peter. Microsoft won, just like the Fable games delivered on every promise...


fr0sty4072d ago

is peter talking out of his ass again?

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fermcr4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

"Molyneux: Microsoft "won" this generation, no longer competing with Sony and Nintendo"

In America, Microsoft won this generation (probably will pass the Wii sooner or later if it hasn't already)... World sales it's a different story.

I also think Microsoft doesn't really care for other markets beside the 3 biggest (USA, UK, Japan), since they hardly invest in others. They won in USA and UK markets but failed miserably in the Japanese market.

Rynocirator4073d ago

Actually there are only more xboxs in the us and uk because each person on average has had 4 or 5, there are more ps3s active in the world at this moment than xbox.

InTheLab4073d ago

"Molyneux: Microsoft "won" this generation, no longer competing with Sony and Nintendo"

Sure Peter. And Fable the Journey is not on railz...lol

As to your point on MS not caring about other markets...that's bunk. Ms wants money and it does not matter where it comes from. Money is money and MS wants it.

SWOT analysis says MS needs those other markets to compete with other companies that do well in all markets...

chrismichaels044073d ago

@fermcr - It's no doubt MS did well in winning the US market, but UK is not a market. UK is just a small part of the overall larger European market which Sony is beating Xbox in. Sony is also beating Xbox in the Japanese market meaning PS3 outsold Xbox in 2 out of 3 of biggest global markets.

thechosenone4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

They won this gen in American? Kind BS logic is that?

MS didn't win jack they lost. It's the whole world or nothing.

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Blacktric4073d ago

"if he is right"

He's never right. He's just an overrated, untalented idiot who keeps running his mouth on matters he has no idea about. And then he ends up apologizing most of the time after making an ass out of himself.