Sony’s ‘Panopticon’ revealed to be ‘Freedom Wars’ for the PS Vita, coming 2014 [Video]


The mysterious PS Vita action game that Sony teased last week has been revealed to be Freedom Wars, a “rescue” multiplayer action title slated to be released sometime in 2014.

This announcement comes to us directly from the PlayStation Network – if you have a Japanese PSN account, log on right now on your PS3 and go to the “What’s New” section (or just watch the video we’ve embedded below).

You’ll find over there a brand new trailer for the game, that reveals Freedom Wars’s setting: a futuristic world called Panopticon, set in the year 102013, or sometime 100,000 years into the future. This time period is known as the PT Era.

Aceman184044d ago

All those articles about Sony not supporting the system with games, or possibly ending the system sound pretty damn stupid don't they?

if they weren't we wouldn't be seeing this announced for the vita for next year.

bicfitness4045d ago

Trailer has English subs now too, which is always a good sign toward localization.

majiebeast4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

The freedom wars name was registered by SCEE, so the chance of it hitting the west is pretty high. I hope Sony has learned its lesson of localization, after the Demons Souls snafu.

creized14044d ago

There are so many Japanese RPG games also that don't make it in Europe or the United States.
It is kinda sad.
Hope Sony does something about it in the new Generation.
They are already doing a great job with the PS4.

Sharius4044d ago

hunting game in post-apocalyse world with big gun and hot chick?

...shut up and take my money!!!

bicfitness4044d ago

It actually looks like some sort of GPS based massively-multiplayer hunt AND rescue game. With variable objectives, not just farming shit. You can find Yahoo Maps screenshots and in game screenshots at the website. This could be really cool.

r214044d ago

Apparently theres more info coming. Looking awesome so far :D

Omar914044d ago

Wow that looked freakin' awesome!

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PS Vita Exclusives Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice to Have Servers Shuttered

Sammy: "Two high-profile PS Vita exclusives, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice, will have their servers deactivated on 24th December, 2021. Both titles, published by Sony in response to its loss of Monster Hunter exclusivity, were built around co-operative play, and maintained relatively dedicated communities to this day."

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Rangerman1208932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Oreshika is also getting it servers shut down too. Big shame for these games. Honestly some of Vita's gems.

Snookies12932d ago

I'm surprised these were even still up! Loved the Vita though, had some great times with that handheld.

XxSPIDEYxX932d ago

These games deserve sequels or remakes. It was Soul Sacrifice that even got me into Monster Hunter.

Rangerman1208932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Honestly surprised they never got ported to the ps4 or even PC. Since Sony won't give the vita another shot, wht not make a Vita collection? Could have Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, KZ Mercs, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Murasaki Baby, etc. As a way to conmemorate the Vita.

CDbiggen931d ago

Freedom wars servers are still up? Holy shit.

jimbo6597931d ago

This why you never should have achievements/trophies locked to online only features.