Army of Two makes statement about war

Democrat and Chronicle reports:

"Salem and Rios started their careers as U.S. Rangers. But they got talked into working for a corporation as mercenaries, doing contract-killing for the "U.S. Administration." Unlike government soldiers, their post-9/11 battles are bloody lucrative.

And so, video games - from BlackSite: Area 51 to Tom Clancy titles - continue to make political statements. Army of Two is the latest, not the greatest, battlefield outing to chime in on how America conducts itself militarily."

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PimpHandStrong3865d ago

looks very good

let me say the military industrial complex has been allowed to become fact. I 4get what President warned us but it was in the 50's and he spoke the truth...i can find it if ppl really want to see the speach

Private Armys of mercs like blackwater are needed because America has a voluntier Army that is shrinking. Its funny when you think the Republicans are known for keeping the Armed Forces strong/funded but when in fact Bush#43 has weakened them with his use of are Army