New Crysis In-game Images to Real Photo Images Comparison

These are a set of new Crysis comparison screenshots brought to you by Within the site, you will see a set of screenshots comparing real-time Crysis images vs actual photo images.

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CG5888d ago

This is simply the best looking nextgen game on any platform, with mass effect and alan wake a close second.

TheMART5888d ago

Nice nice, and they will release it on 360 I'm sure. Only want to push the PC format first. But after that, DX9 base with DX10 effects (it's not a 100% DX10 game for PC also) it fits perfectly on the 360!

Looks really, really good

uuuunvnv25888d ago

Please let this come to 360, I would hate to have to spend like $3000 upgradeing my pc for this game!!!!

schnodder5888d ago (Edited 5888d ago )

best game so far!!!

PS3alltheway5888d ago

there comparing the real tracks to GT-4 tracks .
if ever come to 360 it will downgrade 512mb is not enough even PS3 can't handle it. it will handle it but its downgrade . PS3 is the right choice PS3 is compatible mouse and keyboard can't wait. ill take PS3 all day i have 360 since launch day im not impressed . im not bashing it just my opiniion so stf^.

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