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Even though the characters all blend together towards the end, Last Light felt like sitting down and having a drink with an old comrade and the action really ramps up about 7 hours in.

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Upstate89871981d ago

6.75? Way off, in my opinion. This is at least an 8/10.

If the action didn't ramp up until 7 hours in for you, then you clearly weren't playing it on Ranger or Hard mode.

NYC_Gamer1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

It's funny because this same site gave Black Ops 2 an 8.5 and that game is crappy/generic compared to Metro in every shape.

Rivitur1981d ago

What I got out of "action didn't ramp up until 7hrs in" is he wanted to play something more in line with a Michael Bay film than a story driven shooter.

MilkMan1981d ago

Gotta say, this game has nothing going for it other than the setting. Its a shooter with some great setting and a a deliberate pacing.
There is nothing spectacular at display here AND there was not reason in God's green Earth why this game couldn't have been on the WiiU. In fact, it could use that business.

sdozzo1981d ago

Wii U Is Childs Play.

Heisenburger1980d ago

Child's Play is a great movie.

TedCruzsTaint1981d ago

Nothing about this game deserves less than an eight. I take personal opinion as it is, but they are the ones putting a score to something that is far more than competent in everything it does, and spectacular in most.
One of the best games of a long, long while for me, personally.

Tdmd1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

So, atmosphere is briliant, gunplay is intense, tactical and very much enjoyable, stealth is also great, impressive set pieces, graphics are nice, it has good script and voice overs, but it is slow paced and npc's talk too much while you don't talk at all, therefore, low score...? Wth?!

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