Armored Core 4 Combat Videos

Sega just sent along brand new footage and screens of their highly anticipated title Armored Core 4. The combat highlighted in the video looks intense and very fun while it's still hard to tell if the graphics are truly next-gen quality. Armored Core 4 is set for release Spring 2007 Stateside and might hit Japan before the end of the year.

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Siesser5895d ago

Haven't played an AC since the first one way back when. I forgot how much I enjoyed the series. The buildings and everything in the first video look great, but I wish there was a sense of population and activity in the city.

gokuss1220025895d ago

This game looks great, but I feel you on the "population...." all they are people in the city screaming and reacting to the action/chaos going on, all the way from screaming and just staring in amazment to response units responding to the people injure from the building you just destroyed during the battle.

Not to start a war but, didn't the 360 version get cancelled, making this PS3 exclusive.(no question mark because it's retorical)

(Slightly off topic) Imagine the same video, but only instead of mech's it was (insert favorite dragonball characters) Yeah, I know.

no_more_heroes5895d ago

has some of the best cutscenes ever, but the worst gameplay. The cutscenes look a thousand times better than the gameplay in terms of fun. This, though, looks to be the closest to reproducing those cutscenes gameplay-wise. Hopefully the reason that the previous versions played so horribly was because of how weak the ps2 was and that this time around the game can play like it was meant to be played.