NVIDIA Shield At $349 and Shipping in June.... Outrageous Pricing for an Android Gaming Machine

VG Republic Writes: I know that mobile gaming has reached a pinnacle over the last year as games push the envelope of what can be done on a mobile phone, but with NVIDIA set to release the Shield at a price point of $349 with pre-orders hitting May 20th and ships in June, as reported by CVG the question must be posed.... What the F&%$?! Even with mobile phones garnering more attention from gamers and the traditional mobile gaming seems to be on the decline because of it somewhat, but the point is exactly that; you can do the same thing on your phone as you can do on this screen/controller combo. NVIDIA must see something that most of the us news pundits don't, because at this point the financial blunder that looks to be brewing to most of us, seems to be a logical move on their part.... who knew!?

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hennessey861986d ago

With nvidia on the box has an outrageous price

Lior1986d ago

I dont see the point of it, u can only play the pc games on your shield when ur in the house as it depends on local wifi for streaming. When ur outside and about with it whats the point really it has android games but doesnt all the phones and tables have those games as well

ai_nui1986d ago

why so expensive..(*_*)
is this a handheld.?.. #_#

hellvaguy1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

My $500 samsung note 2 says hi. Somewhere in the crowd $500-900 ipads are also waving hello.

Not saying they are a sweet value for most people, but you do have to realize all those tiny components are not cheap to make.

Jdoki1985d ago

A pointless device has now become an expensive pointless device.