Zelda: Twilight Princess NVIDIA Shield comparison with texture update

NE: "Chinese Nintendo has shared a video that compares The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on NVIDIA Shield before and after the next texture update."

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eagle21724d ago

Um, why isn't this on Switch? :)

zahdab724d ago (Edited 724d ago )

bcoz wait for it to be a full pirce port with zero textures enhancements ...

mkis007723d ago

Nintendo really sucks at putting stuff on the shop. Everything from wii and beyond should have been available. We are talking first party games here. Either make a remaster or put up the original. Cant belive they still have games from wiiu they havent ported yet...what a waste. I want my games!

MrSwankSinatra723d ago

Nintendo is garbage period when comes to hosting online content on their store, especially legacy content. The fact that there are no proper gamertags and the allowance of games to be tied to that gamertag across any system is bullshit. They honestly want us to pay for the same damn games we buy over and over on their countless systems.