Donkey Kong Country Returns sells roughly 1,200 copies on the Nvidia Shield in China

Nintendo's franchises might be multi-million sellers around the world, but that's not the case over in China. Nintendo is looking to build up their official brand in China with the upcoming launch of the Switch, and it's clear they have a lot of work to do.

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PhoenixUp1566d ago

Idk how much games sell on average on other consoles legally available in China to gauge a comparison

Rynxie1566d ago

They pirated the crap out of it. Lol. With the flood gates opened in China, you know security is going to be top priority for Sony, MS, and Nintendo, or get you sh*t pirated.

zugdar1566d ago

I wonder if Nintendo will have as much trouble establishing their foothold in China as Microsoft does in Japan.

XxExacutionerxX1566d ago

Seriously, the Xbox troll comments are old!!

roadkillers1566d ago

No, Nintendo is teaming with Tencent. Tencent is the biggest developer in the world and they are centered in China. Along with this, China is banning violent video games and adding age restriction verification. With Nintendo being family friendly, they will do alright.

Need to wait until the Switch launches there to really gauge.

King61566d ago

China is the country of knockoff you want cheap Nike’s you can buy Like’s they just as good as the real thing lol. same thing goes with games.


Super Pocket review - a well executed blast from the past

Amaar writes: "Here's our review of the Super Pocket, a handheld game console that incorporates the Evercade cartridge system."

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darthv7213h ago

I got both of the pockets. Pretty neat little handhelds. I much prefer the EXP, but given their size and the fact one of them has built in Taito games (the Capcom one has the same games as the EXP) I will say they are worth having. Relatively cheap and plays the majority of evercade carts... what's not to like?


Preserving nature and biodiversity with PlayStation Community - Sony Interactive Entertainment

It’s been over a year since the launch of Guerrilla’s Horizon Forbidden West, and we’d like to share an update on our Aloy’s Forest project with you. This initiative is part of our commitment to the United Nations Playing for the Planet Alliance, supported by UN-REDD, to raise awareness on biodiversity.

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SteamVR Coming to Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro

Steam is happy to announce some fun virtual reality news just in time for next week's Steam VR Fest: Steam Link is now available on the Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro!

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OtterX14h ago

Virtual Desktop app was already pretty good (not Oculus Link) for streaming Steam, but maybe Steam Link will be even better. Anything is better than Oculus Link though. I was surprised by how much more steady my wireless streaming was through Virtual Desktop over Oculus Link. It's a mess.

bOObies13h ago


I was gonna buy the OLink cable to connect to my laptop so I can watch and stream videos and Discord to my Quest 3.

You think wireless streaming to the headset is better than the Link cable?

In what ways?

OtterX13h ago

Sorry, I meant Oculus Airlink. Direct link fairs better, but I like playing on the sofa wirelessly.

Tacoboto12h ago

Digital Foundry's weekly show, I think two episodes ago they had a segment on the Meta Quest and playing on PC. John suggested that wireless Virtual Desktop had superior quality to the wired connection.

OtterX11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

@Tacoboto that is interesting to know! I had suspected it, but I didn't want to say it with certainty. But yea, it had seemed like my Virtual Desktop streaming sessions had been even more reliable. I don't hardly direct link it anymore. Love Virtual Desktop.

azedean13h ago

True, I played HL ALYX fully wireless with virtual desktop and it was very good. Now it is going to be awesome and I hope they finally have a good solution to use the psvr2 on pc.

specialguest7h ago

Oculus Link is pretty good if you use the D-Link VR Air Bridge. This is a product specifically created for the Quest that was released a year ago. It allows you to make a direct Wi-Fi 6 connection between your Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3 or Meta Quest Pro headset and your PC

mrcatastropheAF6h ago

Oculus airlink is garbage compared to Steamlink -- big W for valve