25 upcoming 3DS games for 2013 and beyond

GamesRadar - Nintendo's 3DS is enjoying one of its best years in terms of quality releases--and what we've seen so far is only the beginning. Over the following pages, we'll show you another 25 games worth getting excited about, many of which are scheduled for releases in Western territories before the end of 2013.

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kirbyu1986d ago

I'm so pumped for the new Pokemon and Smash Bros.

Relientk771986d ago

I am excited that we finally get to see Smash Bros. next month

jcnba281986d ago

I agree Smash Bros is gonna be epic on both Wii U and 3DS.

3-4-51986d ago

I hope the 3DS version is unique and different. It would be kind of boring having 100% the same game. If they are different enough, then we get 2 smash brothers games instead of 1.

StraightPath1986d ago

damn some solid games on that list. 3DS getting stronger and stronger. It is the untouchable DS all again.

3DS is moping the floor with no games vita.


Damnnn so many games to buy

gamer421986d ago

"Chocobo racing 3D" GOTY

TekoIie1986d ago

Cant wait for Pokemon XY and the new Zelda!

-GametimeUK-1986d ago

I count 8 titles that I want. Not bad at all. I'm burnt out on Pokemon, though. I am hoping that one day they really reboot the overworld and the things you can do.

AdvanceWarsSgt1986d ago

I'd still say keep an eye out for X/Y. It's FINALLY looking like Pokemon is getting its much needed update in both over-world and battle presentation.

3-4-51985d ago

yea I'm interested in about half of those...which is actually pretty good to be honest. I love that there are games out there for people to play that I may never like or be into. It keeps things interesting.

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The story is too old to be commented.