How the Fairy Type Improved Pokemon

The Fairy type was introduced to Pokemon in Generation 6, and it balanced battles and gave rise to some of the cutest Pokemon in the series.

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Helldivers 2 Duplicates on Steam Taken Down, Arrowhead Issues Statement

Multiple Helldivers 2 duplicates on Steam have surfaced, with scammers trying to capitalize on the game's success.

just_looken1d 14h ago

Good too see as much as i like steam they need to invest in more overall protection its crazy how no large deformation suit has happened yet. The community did the leg work here valve was there last it should be valve first.

A simple hey can not name it this ____ as it is already on steam would go a long way as names are copyrighted for the most part.


Star Citizen Developer Cloud Imperium Games Confirms Layoffs

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games is the latest games company to cut staff, confirming “a small number of positions were eliminated” as part of a relocation plan some former employees have criticized.

Knightofelemia2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

But yet this black hole continues to suck up money like there is no tomorrow. If you're sucking up that much money from fools who get peanuts back. There is something really rotten in that black hole going on.

PrinceOfAnger2d ago

If only they focus on the Single Player first and releasing it, not interested in the mmo that much.

Dudeson2d ago

Same here, always thought we would first do squadron 42 and after that set out into the vast mmo with some experience.

MrBaskerville1d 7h ago

It does seem like that's the case. I think the latest trailer of Squadron 42 looked pretty damn impressive, so hope it releases in 2025 and not later. There's a small chance that that might actually happen.

bababooiy1d 20h ago

What kind of world would it even be when everything in the game is for sale with real money the moment it launches. There is 0 balance when people can just dump $10000 on some ship the size of a small planet and one shot everything.

MrBaskerville1d 8h ago

I'm not a fan of the expensice ships, but I don't think it's the type of game where balancing is important. Seems more like a simulation type thing where you do whatever you want, than a pvp thing.

Chocoburger2d ago

I'm seeing numbers that range from 644 million up to 834 million dollars raised for this scam.
Quick, someone give this scam company some more money to prevent these layoffs!

senorfartcushion2d ago

People are literally paying for a company to exist, it's mad. The Devs are more nationalised than the postal service.

Duke192d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Imagine paying in to a $700M tech demo. If this game ever does release its gonna be a bigger disappointment than starfall. Although with these layoffs I wouldn't be surprised if they canned the project soon anyway

PrinceOfAnger2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

And if the game comes to PS5 you will buy and play it?

Duke192d ago

IF it ever released and was actually was something paying to play - sure. (Probably PC) But people that continue to dump money into this scam of a project are insane to me. Would get more of a return just lighting that cash on fire

anast2d ago

The game looks fun. I don't have a PC to run to the specs I would like. if it releases on console, I would be all over this game.

badz1491d 23h ago


bold of you to assume that it will be released during the PS5's lifecycle. the money keeps coming in, there's just no way they are gonna give that up and release the game.

jwillj2k42d ago

I got disagreements from my last post saying the CEO was taking pics with fans in a suit made of 100 dollar bills.

After all of the years of them breaking records monetarily with little to show the supporters (myself included about 12 years ago), there should be legitimate class action, civil and criminal lawsuits filed against them.

Andrew3362d ago

For what? It's an early access game that you can play and have been able to play. If people didn't see any value in what it offers they wouldn't be giving their money.

PrinceOfAnger2d ago

Some people acting like you get nothing and there is no game many paid only 30/40 $ and said they had fun with it more than released AAA games.

SimpleSlave1d 20h ago (Edited 1d 20h ago )

It's not really an Early Access but a Means to maintain a high standard of living for Roberts and Fam. There's a reason he has allowed feature creeps to be an actual feature in the development of these games. He knows he can do this.

It's what it is but lets stop pretending these are but measly Early Access games that have Oopsie! their deadlines for a Decade. C'mon, bud. Let's be real here.

And if you want to help him with maintaining his Lifestyle then go for it. To each their own. But I think it's fair to say that this thing has gone from just a simple Sunk-Cost Fallacy problem to a straight up Cult-like phenomenon.

With that said, I do hope that those still around live long enough to see an actual release to these games.
Good luck. 👍

RonnySins1d 7h ago

We got a shill here, guys lol.
Keep defending this scam 😆

got_dam1d 22h ago

I agree. The level of slime they display by having multi-thousand dollar in game purchases without ha ingredients actually released a full game.