David Cage: why it’s “impossible to tell a decent story with a hero who can only run & shoot” - OPM

OPM chats with the creator of Beyond on the difficulties of telling good stories in games.

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Irishguy951984d ago

Don't bother, Cage doesn't acknowledge others achievements, he probably doesn't even know what Half life is. He is an arrogant ***

Flavor1984d ago

Well, it's not impossible, but it does severely limit the narrative.

Honestly, what range of stories can you tell that require the protagonists to be constantly embroiled in heavy close combat for 90% of the book? That's why we have action SCENES, and dramatic setpieces, not 'action stories'.

You build up to segments with heavy action/peril with well paced tension and plotting, or have it burst out early then deconstruct it or see the consequences in depth.

Think of your favorite TV show, movie or anime - what percentage of a typical Game of Thrones episode is non-stop swordplay war scenes? And what percentage is character building, romance, or emotional conflict?

Soldierone1984d ago

How'd you get disagrees?

It's honestly what people are missing these days in both movies and games. Think about good movies back in the day.

Sure you wanted more more action, but that just says it was done right. Proper treatment to emotions and development make you want to see something get out of hand. If zombies were constantly killing people and being devastating in The Walking Dead, then you no longer care when they eat someone.

However these days its constant explosions of everything. Then they go and try and make the character develop through it, but anything that steps away from the explosions seems really dull and boring.

I mean look at Medal of Honor Frontlines compared to todays shooters. You had D-DAy which was epic as heck, then it immediately slows down a little, then it slows down even more with sneaking mission, then finally picks back up rather quickly for a finale. The new MOH was basically D-Day throughout the entire game, with odd parts of dullness just to get to the next "epic" sequence.

It's not as immersive as it once was. However there are "shooters" that do things better than a lot of games. Mass Effect would be one of those examples. It takes a lot of effort to combine both aspects into one, while its a bit more easy to tell a drama like Heavy Rain.

Tapani1984d ago


You're right! :)

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Kurylo3d1984d ago

max payne 3 was hardly oscar worthy lol...

-GametimeUK-1984d ago

Is a story that is developed through a heavy use of cut scenes and not gameplay.

MysticStrummer1984d ago

Are you suggesting that all Snake does is run and shoot?

What a weird thing to say.

The answers from cochise and Hellsvacancy are strange too, since those characters also do more than just run and shoot, but not as strange as yours. Congrats I guess.

InTheLab1984d ago

Bad example. Played the correct way...Snake rarely fires a lethal shot..

TedCruzsTaint1984d ago

Keep telling yourself that, David.

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