The Issues With Remember Me

Mark from DC writes: My gut instinct told me that Remember Me wouldn’t be a good game; however, this reaction wasn’t based on feeling alone. After that first trailer delivered a line so poorly and so cliche in structure that it threatened my eyes to roll back so far in my head I’d be mistaken for a Magic 8 ball.

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jc485731985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

I can assure you that this game will be compared with Batman Arkham series. The combos simply don't flow well in this game and it does in fact look kinda tedious. The game looks good, but I can't help that the world and the characters she interacts with seem rather lifeless and sloppy. The worst feeling I feel for this game is that I do not understand the point even for the countless trailers they've released so far. I kinda get the idea....but I think the whole point of trailers and gameplay videos is designed to make you want to buy the game perhaps? I simply don't get the big "OH!" out of this game. There's more to a game than just a hot chick you get to play as. At least Enslaved caught my attention, but this game is still very mixed. I personally think that Capcom is going to loose money on this game as well and further plummet with Lost Planet 3. 1. Not many people are talking about these two games. 2. Capcom hasn't been advertising the games, especially LP3. 3. Gameplay videos do no look that interesting. 4. players may have already played better games like it. 5. Developers are working on next gen projects. 6. Current Gen players are excited about the next gen already.

Kingthrash3601985d ago

why o why do they constantly make articles about issues in an unreleased game?
fun fact about games.....THEY ALL HAVE ISSUES!
dam just play or dont, but stop hating on shit all the time. nothing a human makes is perfect....anyone who diagrees, please name that perfect issueless others can point out its issues.

jc485731984d ago

because he did spend 5 hours into the game.