IncGamers: Hard To Be A God Review

IncGamers writes:

"It is very rare that I sit down to play a game and find myself so frustrated with it that I just switch it off and walk away – and I have played some God-awful titles let me tell you! 'Hard To Be A God' promised a mixture of science fiction and fantasy gameplay with a story that would keep me enthralled. The reality was that I spent most of my time mindlessly wandering from one quest to the next trying desperately to work out what the Hell anyone was saying.

I tried sticking with it I really did, but in the same way you can't continue to smack your head against a brick wall for fear of causing permanent damage, I couldn't endure long bouts of playing this game. If I ever find myself able to play the game through in it's entirety I may review my final score. Maybe."

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