Hooked Gamers: Hard to be a God Review

This is a difficult one. If Hooked Gamers had not played some excellent RPGs in the past, Hard to be a God would definitely be an entertaining game. But now, having been spoiled by many games, gamers have learned to expect more from new RPGs and there Hard to be a God simply doesn't deliver. Hooked Gamer's first feeling about the game was that they had been transported back in time to the 90's but with better visuals and they must say that this feeling still remains. Modern RPG players expect MORE free-roaming, non-linear and open-ended game design from their games than Hard to be a God can provide.

As it is, the game is based on a book that sounds like it might be worth a read, but the game itself is merely a nice little action adventure with RPG qualities that would probably have struck gold if it had been made a decade or so earlier. Now, it is just a mediocre game with some good qualities and many disappointments.

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