Dark Zero: Lost: The Video Game Review

Dark Zero writes: "If you don't like Lost you may as well stop reading now. This is not a game that will make you like Lost, nor is it a title that will introduce you to what fans love about the show. If you are devotee of adventure gaming then don't bother either, as even those portions of the game are not good enough to make you care if you don't like Lost. Simply put this is a game for fans of the TV show, and to be honest it is a game that could have been done much better. But ultimately, and rather unexpectedly, it feels a lot more fun to play than your typical licensed cash in.

However, it has to be said that the game does not start off too well, opting for the highly overused amnesia mechanic to introduce the games main character. From his viewpoint you live the important parts of the show's storyline that occurred during the first and second season the show – and see a slight hint of the third."

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