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fOrlOnhOpe572303d ago

Its missing my biggest PS3 exclusive disappointment. Haze......*shudder*

Ares84HU2303d ago

Hannah Montana is not on that list??? FAIL!!!!

Also, there are a lot worst games than Lair. Lair was actually fun. Well, at least I enjoyed it.

Bathyj2303d ago

Same. The controls aren't that bad and they patched it too. The game was very pretty and there weren't (still aren't) many games like it. Lair was just an easy whipping post for all the early hate Ps3 received, not nearly as bad as it was made out. Same goes for Haze, it was kind of uninspired and boring but still very playable.

Knushwood Butt2303d ago

It's funny how a few games managed to escape that whipping.

Like Heavenly Sword. It somehow came away fairly unscathed.

I personally quite enjoyed Genji: Days of the Blade (remember that one?!). Aside from the giant enemy crabs and real time weapon changing, it was actually pretty good, and I don't remember having many issues with the fixed camera, which got a ton of hate at the time.

Shame that the hate for that game killed the franchise.

FamilyGuy2303d ago

^ Are you saying you liked Genji more than Heavenly Sword? O.o

Kran2303d ago

I'm guessing those 9 games are the tags...

well... thanks for letting me know.

sephiroth4202303d ago

im gonna stick up for the family guy game, im playing through it now on pc and its not that shit, not as shit as say dbz:ut or brink.

theshredded2303d ago

LAIR????really?!!that was a very good game imo
aliens and sonic were mediocre but not awful
some others were fun games

Kivespussi2303d ago

Aliens was awful. Terrible to be precise. Only thing that's good about it is that it gives you good laughs because the AI is so dumb. That's pretty much it.