5 television shows made into horrible video games

Some red-hot licenses just shouldn't be pursued. Here's five television properties that got their own game to humanity's eternal shame.

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crazytown992592d ago

Who exactly is the audience for a Murder, She Wrote game? Oh, right. Your mom.

Also, my mom.

THR1LLHOUSE2592d ago

I'm sure there are some TV shows that would make good about The Walking Dead? (I know they're already making one, but hold on I'm doing a bit)

It would be like Mass Effect meets Left 4 Dead, except it's 99% conversations and 1% zombie attacks.

Rhezin2592d ago

TWD should not be a video game OR a tv series. It should just be the comic, although I am happy for Robert Kirkman.

h311rais3r2592d ago

The show is great I don't know what ur going on about

SybaRat2592d ago

Nothing that could or will show up on TV Land should be a video game.

jeeves862592d ago

How could this author include the Law and Order games (there have actually been a few of them) and not include the CSI games? At least the Law and Order games worked - the last time I played a CSI game it was broken out of the box.

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