Live Maintenance Complete

Just a quicky...

The Xbox Live scheduled maintenance is now complete, and the whole Live service is back online. Apprently there's some more work to do on and the forums but aside from that everything else should be just peachy.

So with the service back up there's no reason not to check out Lumines Live! now is there?

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ImTheNumber124476d ago

for the update next month.

crazyman4475d ago

strange, I just checked mine and its not working yet. does anyone no if theres a problem with love in the UK

Mikey_Gee4475d ago

Read the article, the UK are having some issues right now because MS is finishing some tweaks that are taking a bit longer and the UK is one of the groups being affected.

They said ABSOLUTE LATEST will be Midnight tonight. So kind of sucks you nice folks in the UK may be down 2 days rather than 1 ... BUT .... at least the problem is on the top of the list and being sorted out.


THWIP4475d ago guys SUCK at love. :p

Deafman4204475d ago

Iowa USA are still down too

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The story is too old to be commented.