Peter Molyneux on the next Xbox: “I don’t want another way of looking at Facebook”

Microsoft should concentrate on games rather than chase the ‘connected entertainment’ dream with its next Xbox, says 22cans boss Peter Molyneux.

The former creative director of Microsoft Games Studios told us that he is keeping a close eye on his former employers’ movements, but isn’t sure what its intentions are with the next Xbox.

“I’m going to be absolutely fascinated to see what they finally come out with, because I kind of knew a lot when I was at Microsoft about what their plans were, and plans change and aspirations change. I’m sure they’ll have put a lot of time and thought and rehearsal into that press briefing, but I’m going to be fascinated to see what the hardware is, and how it will fit into this new world that we’re in now – this new world of hyper-connectivity, of super-portability. Or whether they’ll double-down and say ‘you know what? We are the games console, and that’s what we define ourselves as’ and say [they] don’t really care about hyper-connectivity or hyper-portability. It’ll be fascinating which way they jump.”

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iGAM3R-VIII2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

I have to agree with him. This goes for every console as well, the PS4, Wii U, 720, etc. A console was meant to play games on, not watch movies and go on facebook or twitter and stuff. That is why we have DVD Bluerays and laptops to cover those needs. Yes I do think the social and entertainment aspect of gaming should be highly viewed (because you want to play with friends, and streaming) but, games should ALWAYS become top priority. It is the games that sell a console, and the exclusives. Then the features of the console and then the extras.

At no point should games be at a lower priority than entertainment for a company.

pompombrum2049d ago

While I agree for the most part, I disagree with the movies part.. the ps2 was my introduction into dvds and the ps3 was my introduction to blu rays which I still use today for my movies.

iGAM3R-VIII2048d ago

yes I do agree but I think that games should still come first. Movies are definet plus on the my PS3 but it wasn't really initially built to only play movies. I think entertainment is a plus and same with social aspects are a plus and can help, but it shouldnt be over games

MikeMyers2048d ago

Microsoft should be talking about games first. Let the consumers talk about Apps and media functions if they desire. A consoles selling point should be games, not navigating the dashboard with Kinect or how they got ESPN as a partner.

Well soon find out what the primarily focus will be. You can't be a jack of all trades but a master of none. Let the games speak for the next Xbox and the dialogue about the media functions will follow. Don't make the focus on an all-in-one box.

LAWSON722049d ago

I disagree consoles are great for watching movies.

iGAM3R-VIII2048d ago

agreed but it shouldnt really pass games. Movies are great for consoles though still, it is a plus

Swiftfox2049d ago

I'd hate to play devil's advocate, but look at phones. A phone was meant to make phone calls. Now technology has elevated the personal phone to include texting, internet, and hundreds of separate applications. Is the principle of a phone today to make phone calls? I wouldn't gather it from sales pitches where cell companies advertise the speed of data transfer over the ability to make a phone call.

I only bring it up because it's natural for technologies to expand and try new things. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but it's important that the steps are taken.

I'd like to see a return to a gaming focus as much as anyone. I long for the days past where I could buy a console game, put it into my console, and it would just play. No signing agreements, no creating accounts, no downloading patches, it would just play. But as many mistakes console technologies have made, there are other things done correctly. We might not all agree on what's a good or bad step, but again so long as it moves forward.

LAWSON722049d ago

Just beautiful, thank you for that post.

gman_moose2049d ago

I think what he's getting at is that Microsoft is creating a gaming console which may focus more heavily on multimedia than games. You bring up comparisons to phones, but the huge difference is that customers wanted more functionality in a phone... gamers do not care about more functionality in a console. As long as it can play games, it's fine. MS is setting their sights too high, trying to take over from Satellite/Cable providers, etc. I mean, if they want to do that, fine, but why would gamers buy their console when they have a cable box already for free from their provider, and can buy a PS4, which actually offers them good GAMES to play.

Bottom line, if they can take over the world, while still providing lots of new IP's and exclusives, great on them, but the last two years of the 360's life cycle has shown us that MS has no problem abandoning the core gamer, and letting the third party multiplats sell the 360 for them. That won't be enough next gen IMO.

Septic2048d ago

Couldn't have put it better myself mate. WEll said.

A7XEric2048d ago

I would argue that phones are meant to contact people, not simply call them. And look at everything they can do now. All of the apps, texting, etc. connect you with other people. So as far as I'm concernd, phone's really haven't deviated far from their intended use.

But I would argue otherwise for game machines over the past several years. I like being able to watch movies on my console, browsing the internet, etc. but I def think Microsoft has been focusing too heavily on these extra kind of frills that, quite frankly, no one cares about. How many people really tweet from their 360? Seriously.

Though Nintendo has caught some flak in recent years, I applaud them for still making what is very much a GAME console, that has the few bells and whistles that gamers actually care about without going down the rabbit hole of ridiculousness in terms of just stupid tacked on features that no one uses.

Hicken2048d ago

Nobody's saying consoles shouldn't be capable of other stuff. But their primary focus- the thing they do BEST- should be GAMES. The analogy with phones is fine, but would you buy a phone that sucked at BEING A PHONE?

However, there's a difference that should be noted, as well. Phones are a necessity. In today's world, you're virtually off the grid if you don't have a cell phone. Why not add in a bunch of extra features to something you NEED, anyway? Hell, the reason phones have those features in the first place was to consolidate devices like laptops(to a certain degree) and PDAs. It made sense, then, to put all these devices in one, and the phone was the most sensible device to add it all into, since it was the most necessary one.

Since everyone has a phone, and almost ALL of them have the social features we're talking about for consoles... isn't it kinda redundant?

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AngelicIceDiamond2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

@Gamer If All the consoles did was game in now days, the consoles won't sell not nearly as great.

The entertainment consumer need their Netflix, Hulu, TV etc. The Facebook and Twitter is secondary. In fact, its not important at all.

Hell, Allot of Consumers simply pass on buying a new car because the color simply isn't what they want.

But I agree. Its a game console, market it for what its purpose is. Its main purpose, Gaming.


Can you and everyone else just wait after the Xbox reveal and E3 to start judging? I personally think MS can do both. But we'll have to wait and see.

iGAM3R-VIII2048d ago

Read my comment, I think you didn't get what I said. Gaming should be at a higher priority than social aspects and entertainment BUT it should be all 100% gaming. I did CLEARLY state that. I think if gaming was 50% and then the rest of the 50% was split into two then that would be good. I do know that. Before you reply, make sure you understand what I am trying to say

AngelicIceDiamond2048d ago

"I have to agree with him. This goes for every console as well, the PS4, Wii U, 720, etc. A console was meant to play games on, not watch movies and go on facebook or twitter and stuff. That is why we have DVD Bluerays and laptops to cover those needs."

That's what you said. I'm talking about your first comment.

ME: "But I agree. Its a game console, market it for what its purpose is. Its main purpose, Gaming."

And I simply responded to your first paragraph. But agreed to what you said for the most part.

dcbronco2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

The idea that consoles are for games is silly. It's not like the movies or music or even apps take away from the games. For that to be the case JJ Abrams would have to be making games in between movies. He's not. The additional features are just a part of the machine. They have zero effect on what the console can and can't do for gaming. Especially next generation where the hardware will be completely separate.

Gamers need to learn to appreciate all of the other features. They allow for lower prices. Imagine what it would be like if every kind of product had to have a separate store. Most stores would never make it or they would have huge cost. Additional streams of revenue allow console makers to drop prices sooner and to stay around for the next generation. It makes you wonder if Sega would still be around if they had had the additional revenue. Or you have to wonder who will make a console as gamers bump up the enrollment of services like Netflix.

Netflix' success with consoles is the reason the studios are stripping it of it's selections. They see the profit in consoles and want it for themselves. It why there are rumors of Apple making a console. Or Sega maybe coming back. Learn to love your Swiss knife.

Edit: And Peter Molyneux should know better than most. If Microsoft has the money to pay somebody to walk around and adjust everyone's chairs, they can afford to hire some people to focus on games too.

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Gimmemorebubblez2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Peter Molyneux: "I don't want another way of looking at Facebook.....I want another way of feeling, touching it, smelling it, experiencing it in ways that were inconceivable to the mind of mere mortals!"
Lol just joking......

I whole-heartedly agree with Peter Holymolyneux but as long as games don't get disadvantaged all the entertainment features are welcome.

iGAM3R-VIII2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

??? He didn't say that unless that was a joke.... on that hand that was funny

Nodoze2049d ago

Must have's vs nice to haves.

We are talking about GAMING consoles. I have a feeling MS is moving in another direction. They may try to sway the hardcore with exclusive 3rd party games, but that cannot last forever (it would be WAY too expensive). What then? This generation they all but abandoned the hard core in favor of attracting casual gamers with the ridiculous Kinect.

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