Need for Speed Carbon Xbox 360 Screenshots

Some new screenshots of the Xbox 360 version of Need for Speed Carbon.

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THWIP6339d ago

...but after releasing that SH*TTY DEMO, EA's pretty much screwed themselves on this game. NFS:MW was 10x better.

Gamer136339d ago

The final game can be alot better or just a little better than the demo.

THWIP its just a demo relax, when the final game is out we will now wether its good or not or just average.


THWIP6339d ago

Maybe you haven't played NFS:MW...or PGR3...or haven't seen FORZA 2...or maybe you've not played a 360 game AT ALL. This game, as #3 said, is nowhere NEAR next-gen quality; and demos don't make generational leaps in graphics and/or technology. NFS:MW was an XBOX/PoS2 port, but it had enough next-gen polish to make it a worthy launch title; However, I fully expected a 2nd generation 360 entry in the series to AT LEAST be on par with the first, IF NOT BETTER. Apparently, because this uses a new/tweaked engine, and because it's still being ported from the PoS2, they've actually managed to take a few steps BACKWARDS instead.
If you really think the finished game will be much better than the demo, when the game is due out in a couple months, you're not very experienced in the world of gaming.

richie007bond6339d ago

I played the demo and in a word cr@P THIS PILE OFF POO LOOKS NO BETTER THAN A LAST GEN GAME,wtf is ea playing at,there bringing out the same old pish over and over again.,the graphics were abismal to say the least,this game should not be counted as a next gen title,ea needs to take this sh"t back to the drawing board

Fuzz McDeath6339d ago

Every time I read the comment "This game looks like a (ps2, xbox, gc, "last-gen") game" I have to call BS. Although NFS:C isn't as realistic as Forza 2 or PGR 3 or GTwhateveritscalled, it is still could not have been done at its level of detail on a last gen console, no way. It is way more detailed, whether you like the more cartoony,colorful art direction or not. The pavement textures alone are more than the last gen consoles could handle. Be critical of these games, but please be realistic....

THWIP6339d ago

I'm just stating irrefutable, obvious facts; this game is NOT worthy of a 2nd year iteration of a franchise on a next-gen console...PERIOD. Again, NFS:MW was acceptable, since it was a day-1 launch title, and had considerable enhancements and next-gen polish over it's XBOX/PS2 brethren. THIS game, however, should NOT be given the same consideration, and it's inexcusable for EA to continue to churn out mediocre crap, and charge a premium for it.
And BTW, Forza on the XBOX looked better than this, in every way....and that's a FACT.

Madmax12819806339d ago

Im Very Disapointed In EA They Make No Effort Whatsoever All There Games Are Average To Good Not 1 Of There Titles Has Ever Been A AAA Title. If EA Really Want My Money They Better Make Some Descent Games "NEX-GEN" Games Not Just Upgraded Rubbish.

Yo Wassap6339d ago

This game is a joke! The problem with racing games is that the only thing that really advances is the graphics and physics, well in most it advances...

I do enjoy racing games generally but this was just boring and horrible to look at, if i want to drive around in cars that look like plastic i'll get a matchbox game thank you very much.

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Jmanzare2188d ago

Too bad skate 2 isn't backwards compatible

DasTier2188d ago

NFL Blitz, is actually want to play that. Is there anyway to get in in PAL regions?

SlyBoogie19932188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Buy yourself some US Xbox Credit (many different sites online do this including Amazon), change your system location to US, redeem the code for credit, buy NFL Blitz and then download, switch back to your region and you'll have the game available to play :) Enjoy!

HyperMouse2188d ago (Edited 2188d ago )

Good to see tower of guns in there , that was an odd little game bu it was good to chuck on every now and then, recently got Shadow warrior through gold, never played it first time around game is awesome,, old school doom feel and dick jokes a plenty


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Zeixama3680d ago

Best: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 for PS2. This is the best one, not your listed. I have played both PC and PS2 versions of this video game and this is far superior, thanks to Black Box developer. They took the game and redesigned it beautifully for PS2. Heck if you have played NFS:Rivals, you have seen a racing track that resembles to desert track of HP2; (airplane, shortcuts, desert...)

This is not fanboyism. I have played other games in the series and none of them don't give me that feeling of upspike challenges and adrenaline. In this game, you can't be certain for the top spot until the very end line of the race. Did you know that you can record and rewatch the race again? How about that to drive a Mercedes CLK-GTR into top spot; that is hardest one.