Crytek Dev To Nordic: 'We'd Be Happy To Take Darksiders Off Your Hands'

NowGamer: Former Darksiders devs have passed on their advice for future titles in the series to Nordic Games, and also offered to take the IP 'off their hands'

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TimmyShire4048d ago

Vigil Games deserve to make this game. Very sad :(

sengoku4047d ago

vigil went down with thq
sure crytek would be in a much better position to make a decent follow up of darksiders but my guess is they wont let it go that easily

abradley4047d ago

What I don't get is why if they wanted it, did they not bid on it in the first place. I think they want to get the IP cheap from Nordic which is not very fair.

Baka-akaB4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I'm rather convinded that Vigil died , or at least the Darksiders ip , possibily died when Madureira left .

His art was the soul of the game , and without it i wasnt so sure i'd be that interested in sequels .

Then you have Thq going down , and everyone but crytek of all companies , passing on to the remnant of Vigil games AND the IP .

I dunno if i'm that interested by future IP of "Vigil" outside of the Darksiders venture , especially under Crytek .

DeadlyFire4047d ago

Well since Nordic is a publisher primarily. There is a possibility they could get Crytek to make next Darksiders game and publish it.

fei-hung4047d ago

My concern from ex Vigil employees is they want to change the game from an sp to a 4 player co-op game.

I don't want this at all. I want 2 more games covering the other horsemen in equall depth as Death and War and then a grand finale game that has a sp campaign that lets you play different horsemen over different portions of the game or that allows you to pick a horseman and play with him / her throughout the sp with optional online or local co-op where friends can control the others.

What I don't want is the game to cut corners and go straight into a conclusion or give us a gimped darksiders with 2 horsemen s stories thrown into one game.

sherimae24134048d ago

what games are made by nordic games?
this is the 1st time i heard this company...

TimmyShire4048d ago

Having looked into it, they're the ones behind Gothic series - which is probably their 'best' and most well known game to date. Everything else, not so much.

meowthemouse4047d ago

Actually, JoWooD published the Gothic series not developed, and now they are owned by Nordic Games.

Nordic haven't developed anything yet, but because they bought JoWood they have the publishing rights for a couple decent PC games like Alan wake, The book of unwritten tales and the Painkiller series.

I don't like where this is going but who knows.

DeadlyFire4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

They are publisher really so anything they aim to make will be outsourced to a developer. Claiming Darksiders, Red Faction and the others in the list though means they have some big plans to move forward.

Koch surprised me when it grabbed Volition and Saints Row. Some new publishers on the block aim to make a name for themselves.

JeffKaos4047d ago

I was wondering who the heck Nordic is too, but considering the IP's they purchased and assuming they plan on holding on to them I'm sure we'll all know who they are soon enough.

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xYLeinen4048d ago

Why didn't Crytek bid more for Darksiders? Surely they got more cash than Nordic Games..

meowthemouse4048d ago

This is exactly what I thought, I don't want them to get the dark siders IP even more.

smashman984047d ago

You do know that almost all of vigil works for crytek now

meowthemouse4047d ago

I know there are some that moved to Crytek, but not most?? might be wrong here. But even then I don't like anything that has to do with crytek, Dark Siders 3 as origin exclusive? Hell no.

Baka-akaB4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Crytek didnt lift a finger to take the ip when they purchased Vigil games and now suddenly they wanna play white knight ?

I'm already not a fan of Crytek this certainly wont help

joab7774047d ago

The ones that want it work for crytek and couldn't bid themselves, I am sure. Crytek didn't want it or didn't want to pay for it. They would rather have the team work on something else. Anyway, how did Nordic get all this money or better yet, why would they buy all those other IP's?

Baka-akaB4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I think Nordic got it on the cheap , wich is very sad for those franchise , and showed the lack of interest from known publishers .

Ps :

Yeah now i read the article and see that it's not even interest from Crytek itself , but former vigil devs .

Sashamaz4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

The didn't purchase Virgil games, they opened a new studio in the same area and hired employees from virgil, crytek were not willing to spend a penny on bidding for anyone or anything

Kran4047d ago

Well why don't Crytek develop and Nordic publish?

Win Win :)

abradley4047d ago

You mean, SHARE! Lol, most companies now don't like that word. Specially if they have their own publishing house.

Kran4047d ago

Well you do realise Nordic Games did publish the PC boxed edition of Alan Wake/American Nightmare. I know Nordic didn't own Alan Wake and yet they do own Darksiders, but lets face it, Nordic are gonna have to ask somebody to create the third game, so who better than the actual developers whom have moved over to Crytek?

isarai4047d ago

you obviously don't know how the relationship between devs and publishers work. It wouldn't be "Sharing" it would be hiring them to develop the game, which would be what they have to do anyways since Nordic Games does not have an in house development team