Darksiders Warmastered Edition Targets 1080p/60FPS

Just a few days ago, Nordic Games announced that they’ll be working on a remastered Darksiders game. The game was announced to land on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U and the PC. Nordic Games is targeting the Darksiders game to get it running up to 1080p at 60 FPS.

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marioJP87837d ago

The CGI in this game was pretty amazing.

GeeksULTD837d ago

Agreed, but I think the game will feel fresh though, i'd also like a new darksiders game. It seems like every single games wants to get a remaster nowadays

InMyOpinion837d ago

Good game but Darksiders 2 is miles better imo.

KTF26837d ago (Edited 837d ago )

another remastered?
where is the sequel?

I'll get it if they put the 2 remastered in one physical package

GeeksULTD837d ago

Yeah, good one there HAHA. Its the remastered generation. They just wanna make as much yet again from the game since the game wont cost as much for a remake of the game with better visuals

Ysmir6723837d ago

A potato can play this 1080p/60 fps.

GeeksULTD837d ago

Of course, anyways, sad to see the Wii U stuck at 30FPS

Austin48837d ago (Edited 837d ago )

Darksiders 1 was amazing but the second one dissapointed me so much that I couldn't even get halfway through it.

GeeksULTD837d ago

If you liked it, get the remaster i'd say

Omar3li836d ago

Darksiders 2 > Darksiders 1
almost in every way

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