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Far Cry 2 console versions not a far cry from PC

Speaking at Live, Far Cry 2 designer Peter Redding told Ripten that the common expectation was that the PC version was going to be infinitely better than either the PS3 or 360. He also told us why that's a load of rubbish

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TrevorPhillips5939d ago

what the hell r u serious but fps games are better on the consoles and the graphics would be better on 360 and ps3 then the pc.

sonarus5939d ago

didn't even know it was already runnin on consoles. well the 360 anyway

Richdad5939d ago

They said that console version would look as good as PC version running on 7800, 8600 or 7900 cards (if you got 8800 then buy the PC version) and there is nothing like PS3 version would be less stellar (he was referring 360 for representing console version) but if anyone of you have watched the November trailer might know that it looked much better than COD4 and was near abt crysis and if they can do better than that on consoles than its something unimginable and the game is still being optimised. Just think abt the possiblities. This will be shooter of the year 2008 for sure.

fermcr5939d ago

@Undercover Agent

is that so... and you still believe in Santa Clause?

JsonHenry5939d ago

Yeah right, wait till you see this game running DX10 on a PC then tell me the PC version is not better looking.

As far as being fun, I am sure it will be the same core gameplay on all systems, and that is the important part anyway.

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avacadosnorkel5939d ago (Edited 5939d ago )

I don't care about Far Cry 2.

jackdoe5939d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

iceice1235939d ago

Framerate dips and washed out colors PS3 owners will experience. 360 version however will, once again, be on par with its pc counterpart.

*Waits for the lemmings tears*

gambare5939d ago

You need a girlfriend, here five bucks.

poopsack5939d ago

maybe it your washed out eyes that see the world at a bad framerate.

Mclovin965939d ago

The game would be out already if they just made it for 360 and PC and it would be amazing. Instead we have to wait an extra year for the garbage PS3 version to be finished.

GameOn5939d ago

Where do you shop for your girlfriends? Do you import?

Just kidding btw.

tidus0075939d ago

Just LIKE GTA4 this game will also be better on PS3

Multiplat games that matter are all better on PS3 --COD4,DMC4,BURNOUT,AC etc

That DEFECTIVE TRASH BOX 3 FIX ME is suitable only for REPAIR SHOP not in anyones house

GT5 --The most realistic game ever runs at 1080p NATIVE at 60 FPS on PS3. Unfortunately x360 cant even do 1080P NATIVE not to even mention 1080P at 60FPS

FAR CRY 2 will also look better on PS3.

However with HAZE,KZ2 and RESISTANCE 2 there is no reason for PS3 gamers to get excited this multiplat FPS which will look better on PS3 (vs x360)

power of Green 5939d ago (Edited 5939d ago )

Not only that but the graphics seem a bit PlayStation 3-ish. Hope they don't hold it back and they do what the Dark Space devs are doing *making the best game they can and then trying to match the PS3 version not giving a fuc about the PS3 version being able to handle the 360's capabilites or not* Darkspace devs said that not me.

PS3 being the lead would be easier but the game would be gimped by default.

1.5, you're not talking about that BS story that was rejected the other day were that guy got cought lieing are you?. GTA4 PS3 version was said to be behind the 360 version the last we heard and it was said to have two differnt looks one having the xbox look(deeper color range) and the other having the classical PS3 look(color filtered powdered look).

tidus0075939d ago (Edited 5939d ago )

UNCHARTED makes anything on x360 look like aPILE of trash

COD4/DMC4/BURNOUT are all wayyyyyy better on PS3 . BUrnout runs at 2x the speed on PS3.

The game is already gimped by default you GARBAGE BOT since X360 cant do 1080P NATIVE.

X360 will never have any game to challenge UNCHARTED graphically not to even mention KZ2/GT5

The XDR ram alone is 4.5x faster than X360's slow and inefficient GDDR3.

Too bad the GARBAGE BOX 360 verison gimped even the PC version


GTA4 is better on PS3 in many areas said by T2 execs themselves

"According to Gamasutra, executives in a conference call with investors first noted that the studio would be first be working on GTA IV downloadable content - exclusive to the Xbox 360 - available through until 2009. Take-Two also said that both the 360 and PS3 version of the game be visually almost identical, with the PS3 coming out slightly on top in some areas. "

@PlayBOY aka Snukadaman aka InyouMOm

did you play Burnout on your GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME?

why would i play Turok when i have UT3/COD4 and above all when i have UNCHARTED--- a game that makes all garbage box 3 FIX ME games look like pile of crap

Mr Playboy5939d ago (Edited 5939d ago )

Call of Juarez had better graphics , texture and gameplay than your lovely Uncharted, and it was exclusive to the 360

So,no need to hear your Bull$hit about Uncharted anymore

the Fact is we have better games than the PS3

power of Green 5939d ago (Edited 5939d ago )

Why do games with PS3 in mind can't ever do this?.

#1.8, I agree Call Of Jaurez and Prey looks better than anything I'v seen on PS3 Expect URT3 360 to look better for a number of reasons too.

Z F1GHT3RS5939d ago

whofarted on the ps3 looks better then this.
bu but but we have got another lazy port.
bu but kaz phil sniper.
were are u
help me.
my buu ray wont work.

c how stupid the fan boy section is on this web site
good gaming

Douche5939d ago (Edited 5939d ago )

Power of Green:
"Uncharted was taxing PS3 lol they had to cut alot of the *****Unreal engine's***** features to get Uncharted"

- Well umm...hmm...yea, the Unreal Engine...rrrriiight...jackass. ..

doodle5939d ago

Call of juarez looked like an N64 game and got 2/3 from most websites and it is compared to Uncharted???????

Uncharted is the best looking game on consoles---said by

I wish that 70% DEFECTIVE XBREAK 3 FIX ME could have 1000 enemies per screen , could do 1080P native, could have games at 1080P @60 FPS

HS --1000 enmies on screen. 10 XENONS would be needed to do this

That XBREAK 3 FIX ME as everyone has said is fit only for repiar shops/

Abnormal XBUGS???

comparing UNCHARTED to x360 games????????????

Your x360 will never have anything in its lifetime to rival UNCHARTED graphically

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JDW5939d ago

“The expectation is that for someone playing on a really good high-end PC, it is going to be amazing. But the console version is going to be fanastic.”

So....the PC version will be superior though.

Chubear5939d ago

Let's face it, a vast majority of PC gamers don't ahve the kind of rig power to brag about.

Most PC gamers won't be able to see this game in the sort of quality that'll be on consoles cause they jsut dont have those super rigs no matter how much they like to lie that they do.

Richdad5939d ago (Edited 5939d ago )

It will run nicely on an 7800 GTX and still look like Crysis. PC gaming has got cheaper if you look carefully. But games are relatively less in amount now, but there will be a rise from now on.

Statix5939d ago

Not enough to override the comfort and enjoyment of playing this game on the couch and big screen, with a 5.1 surround and controller. I'll take the PS3 version over the others.

JsonHenry5939d ago

I have that kind of power. And about 20 of my friends do. And the ones that don't will soon because of the drop in price of hardware.

I had a buddy upgrade his CPU, RAM, and Video Card this week for less than $500 and he can play anything out right now at top settings.

PC gaming is cheaper than what people think it is. If you factor in the cost of an HDTV in console gaming it is actually cheaper in a lot of cases.