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Firaxis: Civilization No Longer “Right for Consoles”

GamerZines writes:

In an exclusive interview with FirstLook Magazine, Firaxis' Dennis Shirk has revealed that there aren't any future plans to bring Civilization to consoles again, despite the lure of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 lurking around the corner.

Firaxis notably tried to bring their grand strategy series to consoles in 2008 with Civilization Revolution, but it seems the studio are hesitant to make the same jump in the future despite the recent multi-format success of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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Community4059d ago
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CranberryPub4059d ago
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CranberryPub4059d ago
nick3094059d ago

Add mouse support and itll be very right for consoles... Ps4 and the next xbox would be strong enough.

Cupid_Viper_34059d ago

I don't even get how they came to this conclusion really. The PS3 and PS4 both will have "Move Support", which in my opinion would have worked very well with Civilization 4 as a patch (a game I still play today).

But also the next Xbox is supposed to be equipped with a more accurate kinect, so I firmly believe that Civilization VI or whatever the next one is called would work great on consoles.

Civilazation V was the only game I bought for my PC in the past 10 years, one of my favorite games ever. Which btw, I'm having a heck of time getting access to because of DRM issues with Steam at the moment.

InactiveUser4059d ago

I like Civ Rev a lot on console. I like world domination type games; from the old Command & Conquers on PC/PS1 (I mostly played Red Alert Retaliation).

The current gen C&C didn't interested me (Red Alert 3), but Civ Rev filled that void nicely, even though I know C&C is real time and Civ is turn based.

I'd definitely be in the market for a good Civilization or C&C type game next gen.

FarEastOrient4058d ago

The PS3 already had mouse and keyboard support through the USB.

If NeXbox and PS4 is going to be similar to a PC than adding such support features shouldn't be hard.

Bathyj4059d ago

My exact thoughts. Get out of my head.

megaworm254059d ago

Firaxis: Civilization No Longer “Right for Consoles”

me: Bull plop

wheresmymonkey4059d ago

the ps4 pad has a trackpad on it and the wiiU has a tablet for a controller.

If those aren't perfect imputs for a strat game i don't know what is.

ExCest4058d ago

The ps4 has a touchpad, not a trackpad. It could still possibly be used as such, though.

Canary4057d ago

That would be a mouse.

A touch screen is inferior for gaming (or anything requiring precision controls)... what makes you think a touch pad would be even better?

wheresmymonkey4056d ago

because its basically a mouse. It does the same thing. for the basic inputs needed for civ both would be more than adequete and much more suited than a traditional controller.

MattS4059d ago ShowReplies(2)
Skate-AK4059d ago

The team are “sceptacle” about whether the use of a light partnered up with a motion sensing camera, as is the case with the Lightbar-enthused Dual Shock controller and the PlayStation 4 console, could replicate the dexterity PC players enjoy with a mouse and keyboard"

Never did I think that's what it should be used for. Should just be able to plug-in a mouse and keyboard on PS4. With Sony pushing social features, PS4 has to have mouse and keyboard support. It would be stupid not to. No one wants to write out stuff using the d-pad. I will have to see how the touchpad works before I give my opinion on that.