Why on earth can’t I stop playing this?

An article that gives some insight why Civilization V still fascinates some gamers after so many years since its release.

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Anon19743475d ago

I remember back in the early 90's (I swear I do) at university there was somebody in my dorm room pretty much 24 hours a day playing Civ II on my Amiga.

Subenu3475d ago

Haha, I started with the second game, but yeah, you're right: Once you start, you won't stop!

andrewer3475d ago

xD I still play Civ II, love it

GokuSolosAll3475d ago

Because you have crap taste in games?

bednet3475d ago

Civ is extremely well done, has a huge community, is going on 24 years and stronger than ever and has won multiple game of the year awards. How many IPs can say the same.

You not liking it does not make it crap, sorry.

cell9893475d ago

why on earth cant I stop playing Destinty :(

Imalwaysright3475d ago

Has anyone else ever started playing a Civ game after dinner, then just casually look through the window and think " Holy crap...The sun has risen!"


traumadisaster3475d ago

I even go back and play the 360 version for fun also.


It's Official; Someone Has Sunk Over 20,000 Hours into Civilization V

Civilization V continues to be one of the most popular grand-strategy games you can play on Steam, for about three years.

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mandf513d ago

I know the shame. Not this game but I have about 5 different games with humiliating time in them.

sadraiden513d ago (Edited 513d ago )

It's about 4-5 hours a day, every day since launch.

Edits: bad math initially.


15 Best Strategy Games for Low-End PCs

Love strategy but your processor and graphics card doesn't love you? The best strategy games for low-end PCs have you covered.

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How ideas of civilisation have shaped gaming

Philip Boyes:
When I was a kid, I played a lot of Civilization 2. I played a lot of strategy games in general, but having a deep love of both history and sci-fi, the epic sweep of Civ 2 from prehistory to the stars held a particular appeal. I loved taking my little people from their huts and ziggurats to the world of science and advanced space-flight.

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