PS3 Team Fortress 2 patch coming out this month

Our engineers have finally provided details regarding the issue you are experiencing. Currently, this is a known issue and our engineering team are creating a patch which should resolve the issue. Unfortunately, the patch has yet to be tested and will be released sometime in March. Other issues will be addressed but unfortunately we do not have a list at this time. If you have anymore questions please feel free to respond back to this email or please visit our website and review our extensive Self Help Knowledgebase (http://support.ea.com). Have a great day!!!

Thank you for contacting EA Customer Support!

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Storm235913d ago

I have The Orange Box and have only played half Life 2, Ep. 1, and Portal because I have put off Ep. 2 and TF2 until the patch. I am glad TF2 is being fixed and I hope they will go after the frame rate problems of Ep. 2.

J@D5913d ago (Edited 5913d ago )

Now... All that I want are those downloaded map for TF2 ^__^

solar5913d ago

awesome for you ps3 guys. TF:2 is awesome and anything for fix it...thumbs up from me.

andrewf915913d ago

I posted this story a long time ago search man


Team Fortress 2 Gets An Unexpected Next-Gen Update After 17 Years

Valve has finally introduced the much-needed 64-bit support in an unexpected Team Fortress 2 update after 17 years since its release.

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Michiel198932d ago

64 bit support is not the same as a next gen upgrade. 64 bit has been used for like 12-15 years now?


The Team Fortress 2 resurgence explained, and how it can become one of the best FPS games again

Team Fortress 2 is back with a bang, and this can be the start of a new era for the game, but only if Valve is willing to help it.

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Latest Team Fortress 2 addition gets players' seal of approval

The latest Team Fortress 2 update has added a seal and fans are lving it

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