Xfire to host PS3 online tournaments

Xfire will organise and host multiplayer online tournaments for PlayStation 3 users when the console launches later this year according to Xfire CEO Mike Cassidy.

The company already runs its Play With events for PC users, which sees users playing for and against some of the worlds' leading professional gaming clans.

"We'll bring professional console teams and let anyone who wants to play with them to do so using Xfire technology. The same thing that you see on the PC, you'll see on the PS3," Cassidy told

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whateva5894d ago

so I dont know what else to say but I'm sure someOne will come in here and try to turn it around to make it sound bad.

peksi5894d ago

But that news is cool.

Bill Gates5894d ago

Launch the darn thing already. I'm ready to kill an xbot for this system....hahahha

lets see how long this comment lasts..hahahha

Scythesean5894d ago

but to bad we won't get to battle any x-bots because they won't own a PS3. That would be sweet if we could fight against each other. Why can't they make one game that plays on both systems that lets us go head to head?

Grown Folks Talk5894d ago

they probably could. problem is, they would spend too much time fighting with each other as to whose idea it was, how much money they get, ect. it would be nice if at least you could play stuff like ncaa football, fight night, call of duty 3 type stuff cross platform. maybe one day it will happen, but highly unlikely.

lalaland5894d ago

I believe Sony would happily accept a game like that (infact I believe multiplatform online games are already in the works -- hence the middleware deal with XFire), but MS would probably fight with every bone in its corporate corpus to stop a direct free competitor for using its online network or allow access to a non-XBL gameserver from their platform.

Maybe when Vista ships... maybe... nahhh...

zonetrooper55894d ago

Well its called Live anywhere so Mobile phone users, PC users and Xbox 360 users will be able to play with each other, not to say the PS3 won't with Xfire.

lalaland5893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

Only on MS platforms (Vista, XBL and Windows Mobile). They won't allow it on other systems like Nokia mobile phones or competing platforms like the Mac or the PS3.

By integrating the XFire as middleware, Sony actually allows for crossplatform play with any format that XFire supports. In the future that might include mobiles as well, we just don't know. The important fact is that Sony truely tries to make it an open service.

ASSASSYN 36o5894d ago

So, sony can`t even provide the network themselves...thats sad. Got to go get another party involved. So if it doesn`t run well which
I am sure glitches will occur you can blame xfire only. I guess that is good news.