Devil May Cry coming to Xbox 360?

A page in the Capcom 2006 annual report which is about the company's new mulit-platform strategy mention the game Devil May Cry along with Resident Evil. The text is a bit vague but could this mean Capcom is also planning to release Devil May Cry 4 on the 360? Only Capcom knows for sure, but feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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kingboy6342d ago (Edited 6341d ago )

lol u got the wrong information.go read the interview again

UrbanJabroni6342d ago

My take from both the report AND the interview was very much that this title will be multiplatform...whenever there are vague statemenents (Oblivion, A.Creed, etc) the title ALWAYS ends up being multiplatform.

With the sales of Dead Rising on the 360, as well as Capcoms MISSION STATEMENT of utilizing multi-platform development to reduce costs, anyone who doesn't think ALL Capcom games will be multiplatform is insane.

PS3 will get lost planet and dead rising.
360 will get DMC4.

Can we all accept what seems obvious and move on.

zypher6341d ago

nope. logical-deduction seems to be a concept that escapes most of the fanboys on this site. i for one feel ya.

TheMART6341d ago

Well one thing is for sure, Lost Planet is 360 exclusive. That has been confirmed.

Dead Rising isn't up till now and DMC4 could come over also

blackmagic6341d ago (Edited 6341d ago )

The report says:

"In view of the anticipated market growth beginning in 2007, we have initiated the development of several new titles including the latest in the “Resident Evil” and “Devil May Cry” series intended for next-generation game consoles."

and later it says:

"Capcom’s platform strategy is to introduce multi-platform products in order to increase sales, thereby maximizing profit. We will also invest aggressively in the development of software for next-generation game systems. Multiple titles are being developed already, including the latest titles of the “Resident Evil” and the “Devil May Cry” series."

This does seem to imply multi-platform DMC but doesn't neccessarily say DMC4 specifically. This could mean future titles like DMC5, lost planet 2 and dead rising 2 will be multi-platform or it could mean all Capcom titles including DMC4 will be multi-platform. It's very vague.

The_Firestarter6341d ago

Who cares. Dead Rising looked stupid as hell anyways. Who can honestly kick a soccer ball and knock over 5 zombies? It's physically impossible.

omansteveo6341d ago

Its a game about zombies and your talking about whats physically impossible

Bill Gates6341d ago

Ignore these fools. They don't know how to understand what they read. The dumbasses with flip anything they read around so it appeals to them, any way they can. That's why most xbot losers end up flipping burgers at burger king for the rest of their lives. IDIOTS..hahahaha

uuuunvnv26341d ago

DAMN it!!! b/c i got a 360 i am automaticly going to be a burger flipper. What kind of a tool do you have to be to make such a statement. If you would have said people that own suzuki cars flip burgers i would have understood. But b/c i have the money to buy a $400 console i flip burgers? I still dont know why the let people like you on this site. there should be a IQ test to make posts, so tards like you couldnt type your childish comments!!!

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shotty6342d ago

I kinda thought this, since Dead Rising sold really well and Capcom said they were interested in multi-platforming some of the new titles.

specialguest6342d ago

it didn't specifically state that Devil May Cry will be multiplatform. if it does become multiplatform, i wouldn't be surprised.

nuclearnipple6342d ago

the way i read it was that all next gen games would be multi platform to help spread the development cost. i may be wrong but hey i hope not!!! i love DMC and if it saves me having to fork out for a PS3 than great!! just need to get MGS and final fantasy now....mind you i doubt that would happen anytime soon so i may have to get one after all.....the missis is gonna hate me

NitrogenB6341d ago

MGS and Final Fantasy will never happen on xbox 360.....ever. You might have some Final Fantasy spin-offs, but nothing else.

blackmagic6341d ago (Edited 6341d ago )

Well... MGS made it onto the original Xbox when the Sony guys said that would never happen... ever.
And Square-Enix already has FFXI on the console and a 360 exclusive coming up aswell so they certainly are not shunning the system...

While I can understand your opinion, I think phrases like "will never happen... ever." should be saved for 1st party games only. Even then, I believe many 1st party Sega games are presently being published for non-Sega consoles so even that statement could easily be wrong in the future.

xboxlj6341d ago

"MGS and Final Fantasy will never happen on xbox 360.....ever. You might have some Final Fantasy spin-offs, but nothing else." -Nitrogenb

And you know this how??? Do you work for Capcom? Or do you work for Sony and have the authority to pay for infinate third party exclusives? Or the most likley answer is that you don't know jack and are talking out of your a, well you get the point.

dantesparda6341d ago

ok, then what you're saying then, is that GOW could be coming to then

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Marty83706342d ago

So Devil May Cry is coming to Xbox 360?

No, I was just saying, I mean, [RE5 is] a good indicative example of where we’re going in the future because RE5 is [coming] after DMC4. And we have announced that.

UrbanJabroni6341d ago

"In view of the anticipated market growth beginning in 2007, we have initiated the development
of several new titles including the latest in the “Resident Evil” and “Devil May Cry” series intended
for next-generation game consoles. We are fully aware that the main market during the next fiscal
year will be for current-generation game consoles and portable game consoles. For that reason,
we are maintaining earnings based on the sales of our game titles intended for current-generation
game consoles, which boast of established and prolonged popularity, while making advance
investments in the development of software for next-generation game consoles.
In order to curtail development costs, we intend to implement a multi-platform strategy
of marketing a single title for a number of different types of game consoles, thereby expanding
sales and optimizing our profits."

Have we learned NOTHING from Oblivion and A.Creed. Wishing for platform exclusivity does not make it so. Just accept that ALL Capcom games will be multiplatform, including DMC4, Dead Rising and Lost Planet.

nuclearnipple6341d ago

thats what i was trying to say but the fanboys get all defensive of their precious systems ...i took this as good news for all really. who cares what platform games come out on as long as they are good games!!

Arkham6341d ago

Reading comprehension has never been a strong point for fanboys. They have difficulty reading in context.

shortyNZ6341d ago

sorry but that is xbox only thank god! thanx to microsoft game studios games like that mass effect and so on are just for us :)

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