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I'm sure your time is precious to you, so let me save you a few minutes of your life that would otherwise be spent reading this review by telling you right off the bat that Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel is not worth your time. Do not buy this game or even bother renting it. I can't imagine anyone with decent taste finding very much redeeming about EA and Visceral Montreal's latest "effort." Period.

Since I know some of you will still bother to read the rest of this review, I guess I must go on. The Devil's Cartel is the third entry in the Army of Two franchise and it's easily the worst of the bunch. In a post Gears of War industry, gamers have come to expect a certain level of quality from third-person shooters, and somehow this franchise has failed to deliver time and time again. It's a redundant mess that simply isn't particularly enjoyable to play.

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ftwrthtx2148d ago

Ouch. I was really hoping for a better game.

TrendyGamers2148d ago

I'm starting to think I shouldn't even bother with the PS+ free trial.

insertcoin2148d ago

I would rather play Army of Tutu.

Wedge192148d ago

I knew it wasn't going to be a stellar game, but wow, I'll be wasting my time on something else a little less terrible.

dbjj120882148d ago

Amazing that this game still sells for them. It must be incredibly cheap to produce, but it really shows in the end. I love a lot of EA's games but sometimes the company can make some odd moves.

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