Army of Two: The Devils Cartel – Devilishly mediocre

"Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is a step back from the decent but uninspiring second game, ejecting most of the improvements from The 40th Day and throwing the baby out with the bath water in the process."

The Marb looks back on Army of Two: The Devils Cartel as part of Gameondaily's Guilty Pleasure Trials.

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Septic1313d ago

Yup glad I didn't buy this one lol.

Testfire1313d ago

It wasn't bad for some co op fun, and its probably dirt cheap by now. I Redboxed it and more than got my money's worth haha.

Clogmaster1313d ago

I really wanted this to be good. The first Army of Two was one of the games I got with PS3. Too bad they dropped the ball. As usual

The-Marb1313d ago

Yeah I played it through but there's a lot of better over shooters to play before this.

ShaunCameron1313d ago

It was cool for what it was.

1313d ago