PSN Flash Sale for April 2015 is Live in North America, Here's all the Deals

Thanks to some early leaks by developers, we know that today’s PSN Flash Sale in North America runs from now until Monday, April 20 at 12pm PT/3pm ET.

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AC2020x2854d ago

Wow! Great sale! Lords of the fallen for $24 on ps4. Not bad.

thekhurg2854d ago

2014 GOTY for me. Absolutely amazing game - highly recommended!!

Tankbusta402854d ago

Most people seem to either love it or hate it... I'm on the fence because of it

rhap2853d ago

I experienced so many weird bugs until I reach the second boss that I stopped after it.

Eidolon2854d ago

Damn, tried to buy a few games on browser, but the sale prices aren't reflected in checkout.

deaddragonz2854d ago

Same here, it will probably get fixed. Has anyone played that Titan Souls?

FarEastOrient2854d ago

This year is beating the wallet to death and we're not even close to E3.

StormLegend2854d ago

OMG! so many cheap games! I don't know what to buy!!

Captain_Wormy2854d ago

Gooooddammit. I bought Metal Gear Rising and I bought the DLC two weeks ago and Sony comes up with this...😑 I could've saved a few bucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.