PS2 Headset compatible with Playstation 3!

Even though Sony has been touting their PlayStation Network Platform for a while, not much has been stated on what the situation will be for voice chat. In a multiplayer session for Resistance: Fall Of Man with Insomniac's Ted Price, it was revealed that the same USB headsets that are used on the PlayStation 2 can also be used on the PlayStation 3.

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DJ5896d ago

I'd rather have a wireless headset, but at least the people that own the PS2 headset won't have to throw their's away.

THAMMER15896d ago (Edited 5896d ago )

It I felt the same way about the 360. And wireless is better too.

Brandon5895d ago

this is quite obvious the ps2 one are just normal usb headset that can be used on computer too so you just have to use a standard usb headset, anyway i think that a bluetooth headset might be used too