Resistance: Fall of Man Multiplayer Demoed

Ted Price sits down and goes through various online options of Resistance, and shows some online gameplay as well.

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VirtualGamer6342d ago

This definately answers alot of questions people had about what the multiplayer was going to be like. Insomniac has done a fantastic job of giving players alot of different options and play styles for online play. This has become a definate must have for me.

kmis876342d ago

Good job finding this. These vids really give a lot of details about what the online mode in resistance will be like.

D3acon6342d ago

I'm sure the Mart will be here soon, he seems to be on the ps3 forum alot.

It seems that they have looked at a lot of FPS and taken what has worked for them. The game looks awsome and not as cramped as I thought it would be with 40 players. Nice work on finding this.

Smellslikepie6342d ago (Edited 6342d ago )

Hmm, it did look good, but of course there wasn't any lag. There was around 3-6 games on the entire server. I don't think that was an accurate example of how lag would affect the game. You also have to consider that people have varying connection speeds, and the average connection speed varies greatly in different countries. Compare Sweden's average, or America's average to England's. So people that were playing that game at that time would have had very fast connections, since they wouldn't want to run into lag issues in a demonstration.

calderra6342d ago

Sooo... this game is basically in the vein of Star Wars: Battlefront and such? Lots of games like that manage huge numbers of players too...

Interesting to see, but I thought this title was more of a "straight" shooter. Interesting.

specialguest6342d ago

im glad they've incorporated the sprinting ability. after playing BF2, it just doesn't feel the same without the ability to sprint.