EA quiet on C&C3: Kane's Wrath for PS3 - interview

With Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath due out on PC and Xbox 360 at the end of March caught up with Jim Vesella, Associate Producer, to discuss the expansion. Read on for his thoughts on feedback from the community, the new Global Conquest mode and improvements to the Xbox 360 control interface.

When asked if Command & Conquer 3 and its expansion would ever see a release on the PlayStation 3 Vesella said: "Right now C&C3 is sticking to the Xbox 360, but stay tuned for any future announcements!"

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cellypower3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Kinda strange why there not putting it on the ps3. Well red alert is coming soon so it does not matter.

JsonHenry3963d ago

If they make this game for the PS3 WITH keyboard and mouse support then I will own it for both the PC and the PS3.

mighty_douche3963d ago

Another EA game that PS3 owners will miss out on?

Lucky bastards!

Bladestar3963d ago

I could be wrong.. but isn't this an expantion pack? traslation: requires C&C3 ..... uhhh duhh... shouldn't they be talking about releasing the full game first on the PS3? or.. did I miss something... does the PS3 already have it?

"Another EA game that PS3 owners will miss out on? "... hehe...

I get it... lucky for xbox 360 owners that they are getting this game... and lucky for PS3 owners that they are not... I love this site... not getting a game is a good thing... this is why I believe EA should go xbox 360 exclusive.. it's not like PS3 fans care or appreciate their games... I hope they are noticing that..

rev203963d ago

I could live with that i cant remember the last time i bought an EA game.


DiabloRising3963d ago

Care? Yes. Appreciate crappy ports? No. If EA wants us to care, they need to show us a little more effort, especially when other teams are doing amazing things with the PS3 and EA is just offloading choppy/horrid ports.

mighty_douche3963d ago

"Another EA game that PS3 owners will miss out on? "...

^^Just a joke bro, dont take everything so seriously.

ruibing3963d ago

So you're one of those people who buys a new EA Sports release every single year?

Well I suppose maybe MS does go well hand in hand with EA, they are both synonymous in releasing poorly made products onto market in short cycles so as to generate maximum profit.

Chubear3963d ago

Yes you're right, it would require the main game, soooooo common sense should tell you that...

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Chubear3963d ago

It's.. it's very hard to argue with that kind of statement.

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The story is too old to be commented.