GameSpot reviews Army of Two

This better than average shooter is fun to play with a friend, but it's best not to think about the subject matter.

The good:
* The cooperative mechanics work well
* The online versus play is fast-paced and fun
* The graphics are good.

The bad:
* Provides a dumb take on a real issue
* The campaign isn't very long
* On your own, you're weak
* AI is occasionally as dumb as the plot.

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ChrisGTR13964d ago

6.5!?!?! oh noo.. someone is gonna get fired today.

sonarus3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Gspot reviews aren't always the best (still trying to understand how they tossed ratchet and clank a 7) but most of the time they are still spot on especially on games like this

@idiot below me 90% of the gaming community would disagree with you on that. But thats ok

3964d ago
BeaArthur3964d ago

R&C is a good game. This review seems about right. The co-op is entertaining enough but without a partner to play with the game is just repetitive and dull with both poor ally and enemy AI. Even with a friend the game is still average at best.

Ares843964d ago

And I have to say that the score is a little low...maybe a 7.5 would be better but there is so much room for improovement in the game. Also the campaign is extreamly short!! I finished it in 6-7hours.

Topshelfcheese3964d ago

since when is 6-7 hours short for a shooter game. Both Gears and CoD4 can be beat in 5 hours. I played AoT with really low expectations, but was really impressed, and feel that a lot of the reviews are averaging the score down simply cause they don't like EA.

Is the game as good as Gears or CoD4, that answer is No, but its a hell of a good start, and I have a feeling the next AoT game will be an improvement. I would give the game a 76 for solo play and an 83 if playing with a friend.

likeaboss3023964d ago

You must just fly through games or play them on an easy level. COD4 was in the 6 to 8 hr range for me and Gears was around 10. I think this 6.5 review is pretty accurate playing Army of Two so far. It seems like it could have been so much more.

Topshelfcheese3964d ago


thats why I said, can be beat in 5 hours, I beat both gears and CoD4 on there hardest level in about 6 or 7 hours, which is about the same as it takes to beat AoT. I'm sure there are players that beat those games in less than 5 hours. However, to take points away for being a 7 hour game, when those other games weren't faulted for it at all, is a little hypocritical.
We are all however, free to have our own opinion. As others have commented, they agree with me that this game isn't as bad as the reviews suggest, if you look at the USER(gamer)feedback on Metacritic, they have a 86 average on the game. I think that closer to what it actually is.

zakupilot2563964d ago

The bad:
* Provides a dumb take on a real issue
* The campaign isn't very long
* On your own, you're weak
* AI is occasionally as dumb as the plot

First, dumb take on a real issue. The story and plot is very good. Yes the campaign is short, but on your own, your weak. THATS THE POINT OF THE GAME!!!!!!!! your are to play this as a coop. AI is dumb if you do not give it orders. But if you just run out and have a shoot fest you will die. Its meant to play using cover and your team mate. Gamespot, Learn to play games.

BeaArthur3964d ago

Well you may need to check out some more stories or something because the story for this game is horrible.

brocool3964d ago

I feel this is a just review.. it really doesnt deserve more than a 7

InMyOpinion3964d ago

You don't follow world politics, do you?

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