Army of Two: No EU-US play for 360

Apparently EU gamers are getting a version of Army of Two that differs enough from the US version that there will be NO intercontinental play.

From the article: "Details are sketchy at the moment, but players across Europe are writing in to tell us that their copies of Army of Two will not interface with their American friends. The game shows up in XBL as Army of Two (EU) and attempts to connect across the pond have, so far, come up fruitless....(continues)"

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sonarus3965d ago

lol i remember last yr ppl were saying ps3 couldn't do global internet play so resistance and motorstorm had to update their servers to make this possible.

Maddens Raiders3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I love playing people from other countries and this is too good a game to be resticted only to one's own territory. Oh well, hope they can get it ironed out in the future and that it doesn't affect the region-free PS3. WOW - another brilliant maneuver by the "good guys" at EA. Jeesh.

JSA-Gamer3965d ago

I didn't realize just how many of my friends this affects until this article.. Like a quarter of my friends list is EU... mostly UK.

Wow... I'm 1/4 British online!

gameraxis3965d ago

not to mention it seems like the online_blows. graphics arn't downgraded online but i can't hear my partner (in chicargo, from boston) doing the campaign co-op. And why the hell do we need to sign into from our ps3's in order to play online, that extra travelling is probably the problem. EA in my opinion has a really good game here and they NEED to fix the online FAST. I won't be surprised if they make a second, i hope they do, and that one will probably be the AAA game this was supposed to be... opinions???

JSA-Gamer3965d ago

Would the sequel be called.... Army of 3? Or Army of Tu-tu?

sonarus3965d ago

Yea i havn't tried the coop myself but being an ea game i am not suprised with the quality of the voice chat. I can't wait for resistance which promises voice quality as clear as cell phones plus 60 player online plus 8 player coop plus best shooter of the yr lol

Guwapo773964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

I was thinking:

Army of Two: The Second Cumming - B!tches!
Starring Dave Chappelle

Skeet Skeet Skeet

*edit* maybe I should take this ----->>>

gameraxis3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

my guess would be something with a phrase.

"Army of two: against all odds"

The cliche thing to do would be introduce a third (even a girl, that has that overrated bad ass rap to her[which i cannot stand]) OOOhhh i hope they don't go in that direction.

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LGFreedom3965d ago

Oh great.. I got this SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of playng with my friend in Spain. Why on Earth would they need to do this? Which COontinent is getting screwed, if the games aren't identical? DAR!

t-0_ot-3965d ago

Is this a server problem or a problem cause by the 360's region lock or whatever??

kornbeaner3965d ago

Thats what you get when you have to rely on P2P service and not dedicate servers, like Warhawk, Motorstorm and Resistance, another way in which MS has handicapped the market. Larger install base means you get your way and the MS way is $50 P2P. The Sony way is free dedicated servers for their games.

Guitarded3964d ago

It's the developers/publishers choice to use P2P or dedicated servers. Frontlines:Fuel of War uses dedicated severs and has a higher player cap than any other LIVE game. Do you know how many? Look it up. All EA games use servers as well on LIVE. Silly fanboy, Trix are for kids. About the article, EA sucks and they should be boycotted by everyone or they will suck the life out of gaming. Stop buying EA games until they curb their greed and quit screwing with gamers.

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