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Verdict: "An innovative and well-designed co-op shooter that, despite a decent AI, only takes off when played with another human - preferably a real-life buddy."

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kamisama3967d ago

Co-op is a blast when ur playing with a friend! i Love Army of two.

Theo11303966d ago

I think it is going through the "Anything is fun with co-op", and when you are playing and talking with your friends we tend to forgive some faults. Plus I'm tired of shooting thing so I think I am going to pass.

Delive3966d ago

I could have done so much more with that $60.00. It was fun the first hour, but got real repetitive after that. Should have used it to Pre-order and pay off MGS.

brocool3966d ago

too damn short..whyy didnt i rent!?

HardcoreGamer3966d ago

no wonder all the big boy websites havent reviewed this game , they are all scared to, they dotn kjnow what to give it and i guess are waiting for the others to review it.

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