Rumor: Threespech Counting Down to Something "BIG" For PS3

Threespeech, the semi-official blog of Sony Computer entertainment have a countdown on their site with less than three days to go hinting of something big coming. The tag line for the rumor is "A new breed of warrior will be born". Rumor is that, it could be a new IP or possibly the official unveiling of Motorstorm 2. The video posted below is from the intro video of the first Motorstorm, which has the same tag line from what Threespeech is hinting at. What could it possibly be ?

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decapitator5949d ago (Edited 5949d ago )

My money is on Motorstorm 2's unveiling. I mean, it was technically supposed to be unveiled last week but according Jeuxvideo, Sony said it wasn't time just yet.

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marinelife95949d ago

I forgot how good the first Motorstorm looked.

sonarus5949d ago

mods need to get jack T out of here he isn't making any contributions.
My money is on Motorstorm as well. They already said they pushed the unveiling back a week and i doubt sony would unveil two new games in one week. If its not motorstorm its multiplatform and i doubt three speech would be interested in that

niall775949d ago (Edited 5949d ago )

I wouldnt rule out it being heavanly sword 2

buts its gonna be motorstorm 2

Coffin875949d ago

come on everyone ....

1. this is the only hint we got
2. this is the FIRST sentence from the MS1 intro

CONCLUSION: motorstorm 2.

it's easier than 1st class maths really!!!!

Jeanne5949d ago

Definitely Motorstorm 2.

"new breed of warrior" was a phrase used for the original Motorstorm marketing and promo material.

pcouns205949d ago

And I can't wait. 4 player split screen on an island. *Drool*.

niall775949d ago

far cry2


star wars TFU

motorstorm 2

"destructible vegetation" FTW

sheng long5949d ago

don't forget Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

LinuxGuru5949d ago

You can't destroy random vegetation in uncharted.

Only select pieces of cover and rock formations, etc.

sonarus5949d ago

well i agreed then figured i was wrong. In the car chase scene when you are running thru the jungle you can shoot down trees with the grenade launcher and the machine gun on the back of the truck

LinuxGuru5947d ago

That's the only spot, and it was during in "on-rails" segment.

Besides, when you shoot the trees, they don't break apart....they just fall down.

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