PS4 graphical monstrosity will help PC market

PlayStation 4′s 8GB of GDDR5 RAM shared between GPU is an advantage, rather than not explains K^2.

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JonahNL3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

All platforms will benefit from the upcoming power increase of the next generation. Consoles will be able to do what PC's already could, like supporting bigger maps and a larger amount of players in multiplayer games, whilst the PC variants of multi-platform titles could become very well optimized and look even more stunning because of that.

MariaHelFutura3847d ago

Not the Wii U. Not being an ass, just sayin...

solid_warlord3847d ago

Incoming PC fanatics with hate and Jelousy.

xursz3847d ago

IDK, I think PC gamers should be glad with the PS4 specs even if they have no interest in console gaming. I've seen the random troll posts but I'm believing that was a fabricated conflict from fans of other systems and also morons who don't understand what the architecture of PS4 means for PC gaming. If they'd acknowledge it as the next step for consoles that means they're encourahing the games to be built on PC-like architecture which means easier porting for console to PC, and vice-versa.

In that case they won't have to put up with 6 month delays and bad ports, and everything will upsacale nicely if they have a $1000 gaming rig. Its a win-win scenario for both parties.

ToonarmY3847d ago

Jealous of what?

Jealous of high graphic levels I was playing a few years ago.........

neoandrew3847d ago

U are totally wrong.

For me as a pc gamer master race , ps4 release is a blessing.

Dev will finally make use of 100% pc power to make a game looking as good as on ps4 o even better, and they will need to make good optimization.

Games will make another step forward, i hope, i'm tired of silly port from consoles that look like crap and even then optimization is pathetic.

Of course it isn't only about graphics, but with more visual detail, anything else will also be better.

adorie3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

You look like you're trying to lose your bubbles. It won't be hard because you keep trolling PC enthusiasts with such asinine remarks without any leg to stand on.

As someone who primarily games on PC, because of a non-functional PS3, I feel as if you're trying to hit me with the troll bait too.

Picking a fight with PC elitists isn't the wisest thing to do either, as we(and I mean a lightly put "we") are more hardware hands-on, and enjoy extending the life of our games through mods and hardware upgrades.

I really think you should think on launching your troll cannonballs before anything is said against the PS4 or consoles in general.

Anyway, why defend a device, and why defend a device with such tenacity, at that?o.O

MaxXAttaxX3847d ago

Consoles push PCs in many ways that aren't necessarily graphical.

People need to get over it.

TechnicianTed3846d ago


Please explain.

KimDongHwan3846d ago


Please tell me in which games, because i got a gaming PC and have not found a single game where I thought "What an amazing game!, look at all those polygons".

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NukaCola3847d ago

Since the PS4 can hold up with the next gen of PCs, this will benefit everyone. A big issue PCs face is that consoles are the primary focus for a vast majorities of games so even though the games are PC made they feel ported in many ways. With consoles close to next gen PC in architecture, PC games will be able to flourish as they will be built with a higher level of care.

I_am_Batman3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Mag (PS3) had 256 players on 1 map at the same time.

neoandrew3847d ago

And no textures and other elements...

LocutusEstBorg3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Players who looked like Age of Empires villagers. On a map that looked like an Age of Empires flatland.

TechnicianTed3846d ago

Lol please, we have Planetside 2.

ATi_Elite3847d ago

The PS4 is a result of years of the console trying to copy the PC and now it has official happened.

Yeh the PS4 is a result of PC Gamers making clear that we are tired of SHOTTY PORTS!

The PS4 is a win win for PC Gamers. No more Horrible Ports as all games will be PC first because PS4/x720 are now x86-64 PC's

Consolers will get more PC Games and PC Gamers will get ALL console games one way or another.

It's all good as consoles get fully engulfed into the PC realm.

nypifisel3846d ago

I'm primarily a PC gamer (Heck I don't even own a console from this current gen) and I was happily surprised at the PS4 announcement, never thought it would be that powerful, this is only good for us PC gamers cause finally we will be able to see some actual increase in fidelity of games. My PC is more powerful then the PS4 but how does that matter when no games are developed for my hardware but rather for 7 year old ones. No, there's great times a head of us indeed, for all gamers. And hope to god this next generation wont be as long as the current one.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW3848d ago

Good job Sony,
BUT it is still a gamble.

I just wonder how much it's going to cost.

We all know that PC's are going to rise to the occasion to try to deal with the upstart infringing on their Lofty Climes / Turf.

So, the question is will the Hardware, Cost to Consumer, Cost of Developing Games, PC Market Competition, and Traditional PC Fans-
-Work in favor of PS4 OR Shoot it in the Foot?

Nonetheless, I am sure PS4 will be on Market for 8 to 10 Years.
(It's built to "last"- power-wise at least).
So, I wonder if XB1440 or if the Nintendo Wii US will eclipse it. (Nintendo is generally a 5 year cycle).

Nintendo usually wants a cheaper product for the consumer-
So will the PS4's existence drive down the prices of, now, advanced PC Parts.

Plus, the PS4 will inspire faster Parts/Chips/Architecture- Ways to deliver the same results for less- or more efficiently.

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens in 5 years.

Donnieboi3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Wii U is an insignificant non-entity to Sony and MS come this holiday season. Especially to core gamers (and even casuals, who now prefer phone games and also kinect-like controls: And Sony & MS got that covered). Wii U's 1 gb of RAM (with another 1gb being wasted on the OS) will leave Wii U in the dust.


xursz3847d ago

I wouldn't count the Wiiu out so easily. Yeah its having a really tough start but like the fans have been saying that could be easily attributed to the lack of games at the moment. With a price drop and more titles (prefferably new ones that feel *fresh*, not more mario/zelda) it could definitely reach GCN numbers if not more. Thats my opinion.

Donnieboi3847d ago


Sorry but I would count them out. Did you even read the many factual reasons I provided? Theres no chance for a comeback. Not even 1st party support can dig them out of this grave. They will probably make the obligatory re-hash and then release a new console in 3 years. They will not survive this gen with thw Wii U. And if next gen lasts 7 years like this one did, then Wii U ESPECIALLY wont last. Nintendo, no Iwata, screwed up. I wont even bother going into a rant about how badly Iwata has been running the company ever since becoming prez in the gamecube era. Hint: Nintendo used to not rely on rehashes, used to make tons of new IP's, have state of the art tech, not rely on gimmicks like e-reader cards, unresponsive Wii motes, non-dual touch touch-screens that cost too much to produce and add very little inovation to gaming, had STRONG 3rd party relationships, partnerships and input when making consoles, etc. BEFORE Iwata became president. Now look at them. Absolute joke.

roshi19873847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

You said you list "many facts" but only mention one; The WiiU has 2 gigs of RAM with 1 dedicated to the OS.

And that has nothing to do with sales or how poorly the WiiU is doing.

xursz3847d ago

You do have some fair points but even the biggest doubters can admit "no chance for a comeback" is pretty extreme. A price drop and more new titles will spur interest, generating third party support, and better sales. Like I said if it could reach GCN numbers then I'd consider it successful. I liked my Gamecube. :|

CouldHaveYelledUiiW3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

So you disagreed with me because of my name not what I wrote-


I don't think I ever have said in Forums/N4G that WiiU is or is going to be more poweful than PS4. Check my history.

And I definitely did not say it in the post you responded to I said " "WiiUS" and "XB1440" which means the NEXT Next Gen consoles that come out 5 years from now.


ZombieNinjaPanda3847d ago

I see you claiming fact, but posting none.

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SatanSki3847d ago

If it will last 8 to 10 years, five years from now it will hold back PC games like current generations is holding now. Unfortunately high amount of RAM, which only lately becomes a standard for PC suggests it could be the case.

I wouldnt complain if speed of code optimisation on consoles wasnt slower then gain of raw power of hardware but it isnt the case. Six year cycle is IMO max. After that we will gain more, faster from updated hardware then optimisation.

Computersaysno3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

PS4 is not monstrously fast. Its base GPU, the important chip, is about as fast as a PC GPU that launched a year ago and was technically made midrange 9 months ago in AMD's lineup. If PS4 launches November and then next year for all territories, it'll be lower midrange by then.

By comparison when Xbox 360 launched its GPU would have been the fastest in the world only 6 months before it arrived.

PS4 is still a jump over the existing generation which will be a bonus to PC gamers, because it will increase the fidelity of ports, improving base assets and lighting.

The CPU is not exactly a hotrod either but being X86 much of the code will just dump straight across to a PC version, and will already be heavily multithreaded.

The CPU is really the big advantage, because it works in basically the same way as every CPU in PC.

What really distinguished the consoles from PC this generation was their RISC based processors, now the PS4 is virtually a custom built midrange PC aimed at gaming.

CPU performance in PC games has been an issue in many PC games for some time, under utilisation of threads especially.

PS4 should change that completely, it'll be excellent for PC gamers.

clrlite3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I would wait and see how well AMDs new proprietary APU technology makes use of all that GDDR5 before making that kind of claim.

Liked your post overall though.

Since you mentioned the CPU....

I think PS4 will startle people by showing them how amazing games can look/play if properly optimized.

Another win for both PC and Console gamers. :]

CouldHaveYelledUiiW3847d ago

I agreed with you
And gave you a "Well Said"
Thanks for adding you knowledge to the discussion.

Even though I am definitely on the fence about the power of PS4.

I have been reading some fantastic articles about it and even some of 3rd Party developers touting it's prowess over current PCs.

Is this a Greasy Palm- Viral Campaign? Maybe.

At any measure, if true or not, PC's will catch-up.
I said that many times in my original write.

>I thought the main thing about the Architecture was the 8 Gigs GDDR + the GPU and a good CPU.