First Day Sales Of PS3 Exclusive Yakuza 3

First Day Sales : The numbers in () shows the shipments info.

Yakuza 3 (PS3) : about 113k

Metroid Prime 3 (Wii) : about 20k

Everybody's Common Sense TV (Wii) : about 5.0k (about 60~70k?)

Guitar Hero 3 (PS3, PS2) : about 3k

Family Jockey (Wii) : about 2.5k

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TheHater3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

WTF? Metroid Prime 3 was just release in Japan? Didn't it got release back in 2007, June I think, in Japan?

cloud360-7th_account3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

now u understand japan also hates fps made in japan

this is why 360 is getting a bamboo shooved up its ass everyday over there

PirateThom3969d ago

Metroid Prime isn't Japanese though, it's made by Retro Studios who are based in Texas.

The gaming GOD3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Metroid stopped being made by japan home console wise. All 3 metroid prime games are U.S. made

The moment the Metroid series went fps, the American company took over. The last japanese HOME console (meaning not counting handhelds) metroid game was super metroid for snes

Mr_Kuwabara3969d ago

And to be honest, Metroid has gotten even better thanks to the U.S.

The gaming GOD3969d ago

That is subject to individual opinion.

Super Metroid was pretty dang good

sonarus3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Nice sales for yakuza hopefully it can manage to pull ps3 back in the 40,000 range. New armored core is also coming out in JP soon so that should help keep the ps3 afloat. 14,000 is not a good look for ps3 at all. Not surprised by the low metroid sales. Considering its an fps

Lifendz3969d ago

Hope it makes it over to the US. I'd like to give it a go.

fusionboxer3969d ago

Well i'm actually more surprised about Yakuza selling well simply because the game takes place in Japans history books. It doesn't make a lot of sense that the typical gamer would want to play a historical looking piece similar to how we all kind of avoid world war 2 shooters nowadays and barely touch the history channels civil war series.

season0073968d ago

not to be offensive but american don't play historic game simply because there isn't any history at all...200 years is too young for a country
many asian countries has existed for more than a thousand years and that's a lot of things to mess around in game for them

The gaming GOD3968d ago

I didn't even think about it that way. Good call man

permutated3968d ago

If you think that the 3D Metroids are better than Super Metroid, you're either just old enough to play the Gamecube titles, or you have no taste in games.

Super Metroid is easily one the greatest games ever made. Metroid Prime (1-3) are good, but not nearly on the same level.

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solideagle13969d ago

and good sales of yakuza 3 on first day i will be expecting 200k on 1st week.
yakuza 0.74m
yakuza2 0.69m

so now we have to wait for yakuza 3 lifetime and remember guys it had bundle too so expect 30-40 k ps3 or atleast 25k.

ruibing3969d ago

Especially if you keep in mind the Yakuza 3 bundle they have there.

green3969d ago

very impressive sales for yakuza 3.this should boost ps3 numbers in japan.has anyone seen any reviews for the game?is it really good?

DrWan3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

The review of games for things of the following category do not detour Japanese from buying the games:

here we go..

1) Anything that has to do with Historical Asian Event Epic Battle (Romance of the Three Kingdom, Nobunaga's Ambition, Kessen, Dynasty Warriors)
2) Anything that is Gundam Related
3) Anything that is Nuarto Related
4) Anything that is Bleach Related
5) Dragon Ball Games
6) Pokemon games
7) I am sure left out a few others..

And of course this time, Yakuza takes place in Japan in the feudal period, and he plays Musashiden, as many of you know is THE legendary Swordsman in Japan. So he assumes the role for him and another person, this game will sell because it hits these so called "Niche" market in Western gamers's point of view, but it is mainstream market in Japan.

Expect eventually a one million life time total at least. Especially if they push out 4 that is a continuation of the story with 3, then ppl will pick up this budget title a few years down the line too.

Anyways, enough babbling from me

Marceles3969d ago

You apparently never played Shenmue.

Guwapo773969d ago

Man I loved Nobunaga's Ambition on NES back in the days, countless hours on that bad boy. Thanks for the flashback buddy!

DrWan3969d ago

u are reading too much into the comment, i never say the game is bad, i just say teh review does not matter. It really doesn't in Japan if u hit the right market it will sell. Dynasty Warrior and DW: Gundam and such never receive very good score, always mediocre and they sell, now Yakuza did get a respectable score but even if it didn't, it will still sell. U dont understand the culture. One more thing, they haven't done a Nobunaga for a while, if they do will sell BIG time.

Korosuke3969d ago

pretty good. I cant put down my controller.

meepmoopmeep3969d ago

i downloaded the demo. it's not my cup of tea. and it was weird when i made a cat catch a mouse and all of a sudden i was painting on a scroll thing and.. man, it was all in japanese but i was really confused.

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solideagle13969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Famitsu gave it 37/40 so thats a credible source dare i say.
when is yakuza 2 going to be released in english? i have heard that it was in 2008? but i dont know exactly where i read it. can anyone tell me when is yakuza 2 release date?

Harry1903969d ago

yakuza2,we need yakuza2.
i'm going mental here.
where is the game?haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

INehalemEXI3969d ago

I hope we get a yakuza 1-3 collection In the US sometime or just 3 or 2+3.

supremacy3969d ago

man for those of you who don't know the same exact team who made the shenmue games made these so in a sense thats like the ps3's shenmue, and we all know how much japan love that game.

now if sony were to buy segaSammy it will defetnaly boost sony's numbers sega games sell pretty big in japan.

and another metroid prime would never really sell like its supposed to because its a 1st person shooter. now if nintendo were any smarter they would keep the game the way it was once you know like resident evil you go and find things open up doors, maybe if it were in 2d like the older ones even i would get a wii just to play that, but something that tries to reassemble halo isn't really calling me sorry, if i offended anyone with this bit, but as an old fan of the series thats how i feel about that in the same way i feel about star fox on the cube, yeah nintendo is very creative but some times i just feel like they either try to hard or just get confuse in the process.

Kleptic3969d ago

Super Metroid has always been my favorite Metroid game...

but give it credit...none of the metroid prime games are attempting to be a standard console fps like Halo...the gameplay is completely different, and the main focus still remains to be big boss battles with lots of puzzles...Halo had neither of that...while I too don't really find it appealing, they are definitely great games that share little in common with other shooters...except for the view...